Meet the Team

Lexi, Editor-in-Chief

As the editor of Celebrate Weddings, Lexi heads up the production of the magazine, finalizing and organizing the content, editorials and brand placement. She is always twenty steps ahead, making sure she has a pulse on the wedding industry as well as the trends in marketing and advertising efforts. She thinks quick on her feet, works fast, and loves a brand promotion that gets her creative juices flowing.

She is a fashionista and shopaholic who could easily spend her days shopping on Rodeo Drive. She is also a hopeful romantic, enjoying rom coms (“Bride Wars” is her fave!), and can’t help but get teary-eyed at wedding ceremonies.

While she does this now, in a former life she was a dancer who lived for the glittery costumes and red lipstick. Now, when not working (which is hardly ever…she loves what she does), she loves getting her nails done and hanging out with her adorable pup.


Mandy, Executive Editor

As the executive editor of Celebrate Weddings, Mandy manages content strategy and overseas the production of articles and editorials. Her passion for what she does shines through everything she touches and she loves nothing more than previewing the weddings, editorials and sessions.

She is always searching for the next cruelty-free, clean beauty product she’s going to obsess over. She could easily spend her days scrolling through EWG for new reports and the latest beauty products that are free of formaldehyde, BHA, parabens, phthalates, PEG, mica, etc. But she’ll stop to cook a healthy meal (she makes the best Penne alla Vodka with chicken!).

While she does this now, in a former life, she always had her nose in a textbook. She could have easily been a student for life, loving late-night study sessions and making flashcards for her next exam prep. Now, when not working (which is hardly ever…she also loves what she does), she loves taking long walks on the beach with her adorable pup.


Angel, Social Media Editor

As the social media editor of Celebrate Weddings, Angel is always connecting with vendors, brands and designers on social media. She is constantly staying up on the latest algorithm updates and media knowledge so that the magazine can best serve other brands.

She is a busy bee and always loves having a long list of tasks to do. When not working, though, she does enjoy getting caught up on the latest celebrity news or curling up on the couch with her adorable pup, listening to music, and reading a cozy small town romance book.