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Styling Your Wedding Dress to Look Sexy with Sharon Sever Faibish, Galia Lahav’s Head Designer

Just last month we had the privilege of receiving an invitation to Galia Lahav’s NYBFW Spring 2024 Bridal Collection Preview and if that wasn’t an honor enough, we were also able to call on the mind of the talented genius behind the brand for an exclusive interview before NYBFW kicked off. Of course with Galia Lahav’s latest looks turning any fashion-conscious bride into a sexy glam goddess, we had to inquire about Sever Faibish’s recommendations for styling a wedding dress to look sexy.


Celebrate Weddings Magazine (CWM): When styling a wedding dress to achieve a certain look, what is some advice you have for brides to keep in mind?

Sharon Sever Faibish (SSF): Don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and accessories to achieve the look you want, but always make sure it feels authentic to you. It's your day, and you want to feel confident and comfortable in your dress. Galia Lahav is all about personalization and making the gown your own — I think a bride should start with finding the gown that makes her feel the most authentic and then build the rest of the look from there.


CWM: What if the bride said they wanted to look sexy, what advice would you have for them?

SSF: If the bride wants to look sexy on their wedding day, my advice would be to focus on deciding to highlight one of their best features while still keeping it tasteful and elegant. This could mean choosing a dress with a fitted silhouette, plunging neckline, or sheer details. But in the end, sexy is different for every person, and feeling sexy should come from within. The bride should feel sexy no matter what silhouette, cut, or fabric she chooses!

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CWM: If a bride wants to look sexy on their wedding day, what would you suggest they do with their accessories?

SSF: When it comes to accessories for a sexy look, I would suggest incorporating statement pieces to add a touch of glamour & drama. A bold, sparkly sash or a dramatic back necklace can make a one-of-a-kind statement & elevate the look to the next level. I would highly recommend going for one statement piece though. Just like with the gown, I think it is important to have the right balance. Either big earrings or a big necklace, not both.


CWM: What are must-have pieces for a sexy look when thinking about jewelry?

SSF: When selecting jewelry for a sexy bridal look, it's important to choose pieces that accentuate & enhance the bride's natural beauty and complement the dress. Jewelry can add a touch of elegance & sexiness to the overall look and should enhance the confidence and beauty of the bride's special day. Glamourous drop earrings, a sparkly tennis bracelet, or a dainty pendant necklace can all be great options for adding a touch of glamour to a sexy wedding look.

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CWM: How about veils; what style would help achieve the sexy look?

SSF: Veils can definitely be a seductive addition to a wedding look, adding an element of mystery & allure. For a sexier look, I would suggest choosing a sheer or lace veil that drapes over the face, creating a sense of intimacy and sensuality. Alternatively, a dramatic cathedral-length veil can create a stunning entrance as it trails behind the bride, adding an element of drama and sophistication to the overall look. Ultimately, the veil should complement the dress and the bride's personal style, and add an extra element of sexiness to the overall look.


CWM: Any thoughts on selecting a shoe when styling a wedding dress?

SSF: When selecting a shoe, it’s important to consider the style and silhouette of the dress. For a sexy look, I would suggest choosing a shoe with a pointed toe or a sleek, strappy design. However, comfort is also key — it's important to make sure the shoe is something the bride can walk and dance in all day and night! I do think that open shoes are always sexier than closed ones though.

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Photo courtesy in order: Galia Lahav (x2), Apollo Fields, 28 North Photography


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