Psst, the Advice from this Fashion Stylist for Your Wedding Look is Golden

Psst, the Advice from this Fashion Stylist for Your Wedding Look is Golden

You’re probably thinking fashion stylists are for celebrities, the red carpet, or fashion week. You’re right and wrong (sry, lovey, can’t win ‘em all). Stylists are becoming more and more popular at weddings. Now, we’re not saying to go hire yourself a stylist for your day-to-day because the budgeting on that would be immense, but we’re not saying not to… But it’s totally worth it to account for a stylist in your wedding budget at the very least! That’s why we spoke with stylist, Andrea Serrano, to dish on who should hire a stylist, and styling advice for your wedding look.

But, first, a look back at some of the great celebrity weddings of our time that *seriously* brought the fashion (and beauty) and are the reason we know putting a little extra into it is totally worth it. It was Victoria Beckham’s 1999 wedding in her beautiful Vera Wang that caught our attention and had us rethinking fashion. Then Keyshia Ka'Oir's 2017 wedding was oh so glamorous (we could’ve sworn it was the official definition of glamor) that we couldn’t get over the beauty, the fashion, and the look! Of course, 2018 was THE year. Hello, this was the year of, not only Priyanka Chopra’s wedding (her custom Ralph Lauren dress was everything), but it was also the year of Meghan Markle’s wedding. Need we say more? Her wedding was literally fit for royalty (obviously) and her dress and veil were exceptional. It was impossible to look away from the screen. And, more recently, in 2021 Ariana Grande’s wedding where she wore an elegant and stylish custom Vera Wang dress (notice that). Plus, that veil is one we cannot stop obsessing over. The bow was the perfect addition. Now, do you see what we’re talking about? Your look matters! It might not appear in People or on the cover of Vogue, but looking through those photographs in years to come, you’ll FEEL like a celebrity and that’s what counts.

Why Hire a Stylist?

Serrano suggests couples that “have decision fatigue and are overwhelmed with the process of styling their outfits” hire a stylist. A few questions she suggests you ask yourself, if you’re on the fence about working with one:

Do I have someone that I feel confident with attend me when I get my wedding dress?
Do I have various events before and after the wedding that I have to shop for and don’t have the time?
Do I get overwhelmed styling outfits and coordinating my bridal party?

If you’re screaming yes, yes, and yes, then it’s time you ripped the Band-Aid off and turned to a stylist because they can help.

While it’s not traditional, Serrano says you may choose to “hire a stylist to shop for [all of your wedding events].” Although, this is relatively new but “sometimes necessary for a bride that has a busy schedule and has a budget to spend.” And when we say “all of your wedding events” we mean every single one of them — bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, after party, you name it and they can help you.

Styling Your Wedding Look

Before you can determine your wedding look, it’s important to discover what it is you don’t want, so narrowing it down to what you do want is that much easier. Serrano recommends starting with a Pinterest board so everyone is on the same page.

Styles and Trends

Before you can even shop for a dress, you probably want to consider the styles that are trending. Being trendy might not be the most important thing, but knowing them will certainly help you figure things out.

Serrano talks about the trends she’s been seeing lately in wedding fashion, many of the same we’ve talked about — “3D flowers, off-the-shoulder, mini to ball gown length, sheer, bows, capes, and color.” We love every single one of these trends and know (if you haven’t already starting flipping through magazines for dresses or pinning your fave ones to a board) that you’re going to be obsessed with all these trends, too. Trust us, it’s not easy to find the ONE dress you love. That’s why we suggest, if it’s in your budget, you look to having a dress change from your ceremony to reception. And if it’s not in your budget, then dresses with detachable elements might just be the way to go. Many designers have been including convertible dresses in their collections. (WONÁ Concept is sorta big when it comes to this.)

Now, trends change all the time (seriously, we’re always talking about new trends) so if you’re not sure what’s trending, just follow us because we’re really up on the latest fashion trends and we are all over NYBFW where the trends are happening!

But as we said, if going the trendy route isn’t your thing and you’re looking to be more timeless in your approach, that’s cool. In fact, Serrano just recommends a “duchess satin” fabric for your dress. This soft, luxurious fabric is all the rage and never goes out of style. Two examples of dresses made with duchess satin: Margaret by Galia Lahav and Cadence by Pronovias.

Another pro tip: Serrano recommends a bustle if you have a train.


You might be thinking “undergarments, but I don’t want a bra cup or seam showing.” No. One. Does. That’s why Serrano says a seamless thong is always the right choice. Additionally, if your dress has a backless design, then she tells us, “silicone cups work great and tape is good if you need extra support.”

However, you don’t want any wardrobe surprises on your wedding day, which is why Serrano urges you to “make sure you try on your dress with your undergarments before the big day so everything looks seamless.” After all, as she tells us, “feeling confident in your dress starts with what you’re wearing underneath.” And well, we couldn’t agree more!


Frosting is very important. We mean, accessorizing yourself, of course. What, you didn’t think we were talking about cake, did you? No, adding accessories to your ensemble is key, because the ones you choose can make or break your look. And it’s all about the style of the dress you choose. If you select a strapless style, “you could wear a necklace or a bold pair of earrings,” and for a high-neck design, Serrano says, stick to earrings.

Dress Care

Are you ready for this dress care advice? Because this sort of advice should be put on a sticky note and placed on your vanity or something, it’s that golden. “Having everything set a week in advance would be ideal,” Serrano tells us when discussing steam cleaning your attire and veil. Quick, put it in your reminders!

Notice the use of the word steam — we are not talking dry heat. Steaming your dress should be done on the lowest setting and done with the dress inside out. For satin dresses, you’re going to want to make sure you lay a thin cotton cloth on top of the satin so there’s no direct contact. And you should always start small with an area that’s hidden from view.

Another idea that we’ve heard has been to ditch the steamer or iron all together, and simply let your gown hang in your bathroom while you’re taking a hot shower — be sure to close the door, and by the time you’re all done you should be able to run a cotton cloth or glove over the fabric to ensure no wrinkles remain.

Winter Wedding Styling

Sometimes weather isn’t always a deciding factor when it comes to your wedding dress style. In fact, it’s common that it’s not considered at all, and if it is it’s ignored. So if you’re set on a strapless or sleeveless dress for your wedding and fear freezing, then there’s a solution (and it’s super chic… what, you didn’t expect anything less than chic advice from a stylist, did you?).

Solution #1: “A wrap always works,” Serrano says. For instance, David’s Bridal has wraps you’ll love, and there happens to be a certain pull-through faux-fur shoulder wrap we’re in love with (you will be, too). Which brings us to the next solution….
Solution #2: Serrano advises you look toward “a vintage fur stole, and if [you’re] lucky [your] mother or grandmother already has one.”

Wedding Day Attire Mishaps

Uhh, the dreaded “champagne spilled on your dress” mishap is the worst! And what if you get a makeup smear on your dress? Oh, we can’t even think about the horror. Although, don’t completely panic (although, maybe panic a little because it’s your dress!) because Serrano tells us, you can use “club soda, baby wipes, [or] Tide wipes” to remedy a champagne stain or makeup smear.

But where would you get those products? Hello, that’s what your emergency kit is for. In it you should carry products for unplanned wardrobe mishaps; for instance, Serrano says you should also pack, “double stick tape, safety pins, anti-wrinkle spray, and a needle and thread.”


Photos courtesy of Andrea Serrano

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