Justin Alexander Signature Spring 2025 Collection

This NYLBFW Justin Alexander Signature Unleashes the Influence Art Has on Fashion

New York Luxury Bridal Fashion Week Kicked Off with Justin Alexander Signature Debuting their “Verses in Contrast” Spring/Summer 2025 Collection by partnering with Sexdreams to design one-of-a-kind pieces through a series of canvases all with the benefit of VOW For Girls in mind.

In an exclusive interview with Justin Warshaw, CEO & Creative Director, and his team, we were told, “These one-of-a-kind artworks will be featured in a silent auction, with all proceeds benefiting VOW For Girls. The auction kicks off during our New York launch event on April 1st and will be accessible for bids on [their] website!”

About JA’s Spring/Summer 2025 Collection

“‘Verses in Contrast’ presents a groundbreaking perspective on bridal fashion, demonstrating that the sanctity of marriage traditions and the vibrancy of modern innovation cannot only coexist but also thrive together.”

Graffiti Hand Wall Art | $27


Our Trend Takeaways from the Show


We’ve seen them time and time again, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Florals on wedding dresses are statement-making details that prove to be fashionable each season, whether it be via 3D florals, brocade, oversized rosettes, or smaller floral beading.



You don’t just want to walk down the aisle, you want to walk down it like it’s a runway and ruffles let you do that.

High-low Skirt

Bet you didn’t think you’d see this trend again, but here it is. Popular years ago, this trend is making a comeback and it’s getting even better.


They won’t be the main attraction, but it seems they’ll definitely be present on the dress. They demand attention and they’re always given it.

Now, perhaps it won’t be the same as JA’s luxe designs, but it’ll be close enough for this shopaholic right here. Which is why after the show, I went shopping on Amazon for graffiti dresses… oh, yeah, I did that! I’m thinking I might even wear one for a wedding I’m attending next month.

Shop Graffiti Dresses + Share Your Fave in the Comments👇


Boho Maxi | $19





Casual Maxi | $27


Dresses not your thing? Don’t worry bc we found this gorgeous blazer you’ll swoon over!


Really, this whole event was captivating, but most importantly it sends the message that all girls and boys should dream big, which is definitely a message we can get behind!


Photo credits: cover photo from Justin Alexander Signature; IRL photos by So Bridal Social; product photos from Amazon  

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The last one is pretty b/c I like ‘em pearlsss


That last wedding dress 🤩🤩🤩


This is such a cool idea! The Pearl wedding dresses are always my favorite and some of those graffiti dresses look like wearable art. I’m obsessed


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