This is How Galia Lahav Satisifies *All* the Fall 2024 Bridal Trends

This is How Galia Lahav Satisifies *All* the Fall 2024 Bridal Trends

If you’re not a first-timer to Wedding Day Match, then by now you know our team has a serious affinity for Galia Lahav. You could say we are borderline obsessed… but in a good way, ofc! It’s all in their designs, the style and sheer luxury every single dress possesses. To be a GL bride or wear a Galia Lahav is the ultimate dream! Now to fulfill those fantasies we love to gaze longingly at the gowns and share what we’re seeing with you, all in hopes that we can help you fulfill your (likely) dream, too, and decide which Galia Lahav look speaks to you.

Now we already shared how their latest Couture Collection L'etoile is all about Paris inspiration…. That timeless allure of Paris that seamlessly blends the majestic history of the Arc de Triomphe with the symbolic brilliance and romance of stars that represent hope, guidance, and eternal love. This collection epitomizes the celestial beauty and profound meaning behind love's radiant journey. But most importantly, once again, Galia Lahav has satisfied the trends that emerged from NYLBFW in their own glamorous, statement-making way. Let’s look at them together, shall we?

Luxurious Intricacy


Galia Lahav gown

Embrace the allure of intricate fabrics with a gown that exudes an ethereal and heavenly charm. It’s all about intricate lacework and celestial-inspired embellishments that transport brides to the streets of Paris.

Colors: ivory, latte, nude

The hallmarks of this wedding gown: Structural fitted corset mermaid gown with sheer cutouts, made of embroidered French lace inspired by the wrought iron gates of the Élysée Palace in Paris. Finished with a glamorous train, a high-neck long sleeve top with a beaded feature adorning the exposed shoulders, as well as a majestic detachable element… a tulle overskirt with irregular hem.

Fall Blossom


Galia Lahav gown

The floral trend is not new in the bridal industry, but the interpretation evolves each season. An enchanting ode to nature with meticulously crafted floral embellishments that transform brides into living bouquets, perfectly capturing the essence of a Parisian garden in every step down the aisle.

Color: milky white

The hallmarks of this wedding gown: Tradition is elevated in this reimagined satin strapless ball gown. The timeless silhouette is enhanced with a lavish flourish and detachable element — an extravagant silk flower graces the corseted bodice. This dress is further adorned with a daring high slit, harmonizing classic charm with modern allure. And for the pièce de résistance, sheer illusion netted gloves featuring a cascading long layer of tulle.

Daring in Color


WAIT!… PSA: Prepare to see grand silhouettes, bold pearl detailing and unexpected accents that redefine bridal fashion.

Galia Lahav gown

The enduring fascination of black wedding dresses, where tradition meets bold individuality. This gown celebrates the iconic trend that defies convention.

Color: black

The hallmarks of this wedding gown: A dramatic black ball gown extravaganza. A symphony of elegance unfolds as a dramatic, pearl- studded boned sheer corset takes center stage, with a stunning black tulle skirt. And for the ultimate accessory pairings: a high-neck choker made of a variety of pearls with jet-black crystal accents, silk headband with birdcage-style netting and small embellishments, and long-fitted sheer illusion sleeves with pearl strand embellishments.

Pearlescent Elegance


Galia Lahav gown

Pearls take center stage as the epitome of timeless glamour. This season, gowns and add-ons are adorned with exquisite pearl embellishments, creating a lustrous and romantic aura and this dress fits the bill to perfection!

Color: ivory and nude

The hallmarks of this wedding gown: Strikingly tailored corseted gown showcasing femininity and couture mastery with sharp and flattering sheer panels with lustrous pearls and a lapel-inspired feature accentuating the back. Featuring an enclosed detachable overskirt embellished with endless pearls completed with an equally pearl-embellished high neck bolero top, and or long and sleek sheer sleeves with pearl accents.

Chic Minimalism 


Galia Lahav Gown

Galia Lahav's interpretation of chic Parisian minimalism combines classic simplicity with modernized silhouettes. It’s all about clean lines, tailored silhouettes and minimalistic yet luxurious fabrics that epitomize Parisian chic.

Color: champagne

The hallmarks of this wedding gown: Satin mermaid gown draped in buttery silk accentuates its deep scoop-pointed neckline. Adorned with extravagant lantern sleeves with tailored cuffs.


Credits: Photographer @philipgay | Model @natalia_sirotina | Hair & MUA @cyril.lanoir | Stylist @abrahamgutierrez | Producer @rosana_gonzalo

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I think I might share your obsession with Galia. Particularly Blanche the name reminds me of the character on Golden Girls and the dress is sososo so sexy it might just be perfect.


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