*The* 2024 Wedding Trend Report… Seriously, It’s All Here!

*The* 2024 Wedding Trend Report… Seriously, It’s All Here!

Wedding planning for 2024 weddings is well underway for many couples planning to tie the knot in the new year, and if planning isn’t underway that’s likely because they didn’t put the ring on it yet. Either way, for 2024 weddings we’ve got all the trends and we’re breaking it down for ya. Just consider us your fairy godmothers in planning… yes, blue ball gown and all (oh, wait, that’s definitely trending in 2024!). So let’s do this thang! ⬇️



This year soft glam was in, meaning lots of soft waves that had major old Hollywood vibes. Next year, soft curls will definitely still be a thing, in addition to natural curls, so feel free to let those locks be. Related, that damp just-showered look will be popular. You know the one I’m talkin’ about, the one where you’re your most natural, sexy self.

If loose, flowing locks aren’t your style, then braided buns are a hot option, along with buns with a ribbon in it. Did you notice my mention of ribbon? Corseted ribbon detailing will definitely be trending in 2024 and incorporating that into your hair will make you such a cool girl.

And for the ultimate cool girl look, adding a bow to your ponytail (or other style) will simply put you over the edge. Hair bows are, in a word, fun (and one of the biggest and hottest trends for 2024, thank you very much).


Like with hair, this year we saw an affinity for soft glam makeup. It was everywhere and everyone wanted that look. A step up from natural, with lots of neutrals, and extra glam. You could thank Old Hollywood once again, but now, well, you have a plethora of options to amp up your makeup look and all are expected to be h-o-t in 2024. They include:

  • Colorful eyeliner (I’m already fantasizing about blue and purple… oh, baby!)
  • Bold statement brows (that over-plucked brow look is so yesterday !)
  • Shimmer eyeshadow
  • Monochromatic makeup
  • Winged eyeliner (think: Victoria’s Secret model)
  • Glitter lip gloss
  • Red lips

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Wedding Dresses

For this one we picked the brain of couture wedding dress designer Jean-Ralph Thurin and, boy, did he ever hit the nail on the head! In 2024, we’re seeing 5 stunning trends.

  1. Colored dresses, especially of the baby blue hue. It’s true, colored wedding dresses are having a serious moment this year and they aren’t going anywhere in 2024. In fact, they’re becoming just as common as detachable elements (but more on that later).
  2. Fairytale ball gowns. Yup, we’ve dubbed it the Cinderella statement! And they are *everywhere* and just about every designer has at least one in their latest collections. Don’t believe me? Check this out! LINK BALLGOWNS ROUNDUP BLOG
  3. Ornate beading. Two words: opulent and divine. So you can finally say goodbye to those plain-Jane dresses!
  4. Floral appliqués. Flowers are a symbol for new beginnings, so what better element to add to your wedding dress, then this touch of nature? Last year’s NYLBFW saw 3D florals, now we’re seeing floral appliqués.
  5. Detachable elements like capes. The perfect solution to get two looks in one just like all the celebs!

And we’re throwing this one in for good measure, because HELLO they are so in rn — mini dresses! It’s the ideal reception or after party dress that allows you to indulge in a little dancing all night long. For 20 faves from fall NY fashion week, go here.

Wedding dress trends 2024


This is the most fun category, let’s face it. It’s where you get to play with your style, making intentional selections that add to your look. Of course, one should never forget the words of Coco Chanel: “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”. Anywayyy, let’s talk accessory trends for 2024!

Hello, hair bows. Didn’t we mention that? But also birdcage veils and pearl veils. And don’t be afraid to hang your veil around something interesting, like a pillbox hat... for it’ll be trés chic, darling!


And ‘cause I love ya, I’ve shopped hair bows and found a super fun one with pearls that I could just see you wearing to your bach party. YW!

Shop It

Sunglasses, especially heart-shaped party sunglasses (totally ideal for a reception, welcome party, bach party, and anything in between).


The good news? We already picked out a pair for ya.

Get ‘em

Now, I said pearl veils, but trust me that won’t be the last time you see the word “pearl” ‘cause I’m also going to say pearl-adorned bridal gloves. That’s right! Bridal gloves aren’t going anywhere in 2024 and add pearls to those babies and you’re good to go!

Lastly, for your tootsies, get ready to lean into the square-toe heel trend.

Guest Attire

Now this may not be something you’re concerned with if you’re the one about to say “I do”, but your guests will thank you for any guidance you may offer (say if you require a dress code, for example, or your Aunt Bea calls your mother to ask her what she should wear to your wedding). Regardless, here’s the scoop on the 2024 trends as far as guest attire goes:

  • Vibrant color palettes (like yellows and blues)
  • Sheer fabrics (but let’s not get out of hand !)
  • Ruffle silhouettes
  • Red-hot hue dresses (without stealing focus !)
  • Fringe hems
  • Sequin dresses and skirts

And ‘cause I love ya so much, I’m going to share with you some advice on guest dress code attire. YW!


The jewelry world saw its share of trends this year, especially when it came to rings from toi et moi rings to lab-grown diamonds, vintage rings, and even ethical rings and we covered ‘em all! Minimalist jewelry styling even had its moment. Now, it’s unlikely many of those will go anywhere, anytime soon, but we’re about to see a surge in a few specific pieces. Namely anything with pearls, but especially pearl drop earrings and pearl stud earrings.

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And pearl drop earrings aren’t alone. With all the love florals have been getting these days, especially in the fashion world, petal drop earrings will be a jewelry trend in 2024. Alongside those types of earrings, you’ll see hoop earrings will have their moment again in 2024 (totally taking me back to the ‘90s and early 2000s !).

By way of bracelets, you can count on seeing diamond tennis bracelets making a comeback, as well as bangle bracelets and pinched link bracelets.


Ahhh… planning, where it all really unfolds. Your second full-time job… Now for 2024 weddings we’re looking at these wedding planning trends:

  • Bold color palettes
  • Interactive bars
  • Immersive entertainment experiences (for the most fun example, check out this video)
  • Decadent desserts

Oh, and sustainable planning! How could I forget about that trend?! Don’t believe it’s possible? But of course it is, you *can* have the wedding of your dreams and reduce your wedding’s carbon footprint. It’s all about being mindful about your selections and consumption. And we’ve got plenty of planning advice if you’re vibing with this one. Come on, let’s go this way for all the deets.


Florals are quite literally *everywhere* in the wedding industry these days. They’ve been added to dresses as design elements, incorporated into lace, beading, and dozens of other ways. I could go on forever, but you don’t have time for that, so take my word for it. The point: your florals shouldn’t just be something you leave up to your florist. Make intentional choices and if you want to be on-trend in 2024, consider these options:

  • Wildflowers
  • Blossom branches
  • Colorful combos (especially pink, purple, and blue my dream. . .)
  • Monochromatic bouquets (yes, just like monochromatic makeup mentioned above !)
  • Sustainable florals (locally sourced or rented silks are two acceptable options)

Source: Something Borrowed Blooms

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Sorry, but I’ve got a mani/pedi scheduled and we’ve already spilled the tea on this, so here you are, lovies.


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