So, You’re Looking for an Ethical Ring… Here’s What You Need to Know

So, You’re Looking for an Ethical Ring… Here’s What You Need to Know

Jewelry shopping is no easy feat, no matter who the shopper is. There are *so* many choices out there —from stone, to cut, metal and everything in between. This is true for all jewelry, but definitely for rings (read: engagement rings or wedding rings). With sustainable wedding planning growing in popularity, it follows that you might be looking for more sustainable rings for you and your S.O. Enter: ethical rings. These are rings from a jeweler that has a commitment to ethical practices throughout the production process, “from responsibly sourcing gemstones to ensuring fair labour practices,” Cathy Shen, Founder of Ma Folie Gems explains. “Ethical rings are typically crafted by skilled artisans who prioritize both fair labour practices and the responsible sourcing of gemstones.”

So let’s break it down, shall we?

If you want to know “that your purchase supports responsible sourcing and contributes to fair labor conditions,” then purchasing an ethical ring will be a no brainer. Buttt… (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) if you’re on a budget or are looking for a wider array of gemstone options, then you might be out of luck.

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Shen explains, ethically sourced gemstones must adhere to stricter standards, limiting gemstone selections and making costs potentially higher. “In some cases, ethical rings might be slightly more expensive due to the premium placed on responsible sourcing and craftsmanship.” And on the topic of price, you need to know that the price could even vary depending on factors, like choice of gemstone, design, and production location, she tells us.

But ultimately, if you go this route, you’ll want to make sure your jeweler provides full transparency regarding the country of origin of the gemstone they purchase, as Shen does, because that is one of the biggest pros of purchasing ethical rings, after all.

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Photo courtesy of Ma Folie Gems

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