Galia Lahav Spring 2025 Collection

A NYLBFW Recap and Our Editors’ Picks Are In — Here Are Our Fave Designer Looks from this Season

It’s a wrap on New York Bridal Fashion Week and we loved (just as we do every season!) being part of the glamour and glitz of it all! So a huge thank you all to all the designers and New York for being so good to us once again this season. Each and every one of your collections were beautiful and the inspiration behind them even more so.

There were many trends this season, but two that stuck out to us as a repeat of seasons past are florals and bows (the size doesn’t matter, just that they’re present). Typically, you can see designs follow the look of a past era. For instance, 90s fashion was seeing a comeback for a while, then 80s and, of course, earlier this year the mob aesthetic was going strong. Nevertheless, these fashion designers didn’t follow a specific era, going in a different direction with each of their looks.

For some, such as Monique Lhuillier, it was all about the era of ornate looks, the more fabulous the better. And we were obsessed with the looks, plus the cute dog definitely helped get the point across that she was in her “live her best life” era.

Photos courtesy of Monique Lhuillier


Ankle-length dresses re-emerged and what a delight that was. The look will always remain free-flowing and fun. Perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement with a lot less fabric. 😉

Photo courtesy of Sareh Nouri (left) and Nardos (right)


I’m pretty sure I’ll never stop loving (read: obsessing over) mini dresses. It doesn’t matter whether they have floral appliqués, ruffles, feathers, bows, pearls, or beaded tulle, these designs are some of my favorites. They never go out of style and they can be worn over and over again (unlike the dresses from “27 Dresses”, my friends).

Photo courtesy of Peter Langner (left) and Idan Cohen (right)


Ever watch “Bridgerton” and love their dresses (perhaps dream about having a more modern version of your own). Well, this season the designers heard your pleas because the side hoop is back baby and better than ever because they have been modernized. YW.

Photo courtesy of Galia Lahav (left) and Lihi Hod (right)


Then there were the coveted ruffles. Does it get much more jaw-dropping than ruffles? We have received so much love on our IG (@celebrateweddings) about a particular “pink-dipped” ruffle dress from Idan Cohen. (Seriously, if you or your team are reading this, then just know that it’s a popular style for sure!)


Personally, one thing our team couldn’t help but notice was the immense amount of princess-style dresses. Let me explain, ever watched “Bride Wars”? Liv’s dress (ahem, a Vera Wang) was something you can’t help but dream about when you’re younger. It’s the look, it’s the feel of it. It’s the total darn vibe. You know it when you see it. These dresses reminded us of her dress and the little girls in each of us couldn’t help but be in awe at the sight of these beauties. 👇

Photo courtesy of Justin Alexander Signature (left) and Monique Lhuillier (right)

Now For Those Editors’ Picks + Some Words from the Designers

Galia Lahav “The Stunners” Collection

“Designers Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever draw inspiration from the resilience and creativity of these remarkable women, infusing their spirits into every stitch of the collection. The gowns encapsulate the essence of Victorian style with a modern twist, offering a fresh interpretation of timeless elegance & the essence of couture. ‘We were moved by the captivating stories of these strong, influential women who defied norms and stood out with their unique style and personality,’ says Sharon Sever, head designer at Galia Lahav. ‘This collection is a celebration of their legacy, embracing the spirit of empowerment and individuality.’”


Galia Lahav “Symphony” Collection

“We were captivated by the imagery of a flower blooming in slow motion, and we sought to translate that ethereal beauty into our Spring 2025 GALA Collection,” says Sharon Sever. “This collection is a celebration of growth, romance, and the elegance of nature's symphony.”


Ines di Santo “Romanticism Unveiled” Collection

“In this digital age of algorithms, AI, and an abundance of screens, I wanted to explore the expression of my imagination and the very essential human aspect of creativity amplified by modern technology, blending the two worlds as seamlessly as possible. . . . Showing this collection in an immersive space really allows the audience to feel my intention of emotion on a grander scale and exhibits my vision for how the future of fashion can marry the art of hand craft, storytelling, and technology.” —Ines di Santo


Peter Langner SS25 Collection

“Our latest bridal gown collection is an ode to lightness, clean lines, and tailoring. With a harmonious balance between tradition and modernity, the Peter Langner Milano collection is designed for a determined, discerning client with a strong personality.”


Idan Cohen Spring 2025 Collection

“This collection is a siren call to the less-traditional bride, one who treasures whimsy and the magic of handcrafted details. From bohemian dreams to rock 'n' roll reveries, Idan's creations are adorned with feminine flourishes and unexpected details.”


Justin Alexander Signature SS25 Collection

The collection was inspired by a poem Justin Warshaw created. “I created the poem with AI and reworked it to match a direction I had in mind. It was my intention to create romantic wedding vows that create a juxtaposition with the season’s chosen art form, graffiti. It also allowed us to use this graffiti in creative ways on the new collection’s gowns and accessories.” —Justin Warshaw, CEO & Creative Director

The inspirational poem is as follows: "In the quiet dawn of our forever day, Where vows are whispered, love finds its way. Beneath the arch of dreams, we stand, Two hearts entwined, hand in hand. Through the tapestry of time, we weave, A story of love, so pure, so deep. With every beat, our hearts align, In this dance of souls, forever entwined. In laughter and in silent tears, In all our triumphs and our fears, I promise to stand by your side, In every ebb, in every tide. Through sunlit days and moonlit nights, We'll navigate life's grand, uncharted heights. Your eyes, my haven, sparkling and bright, Guiding me through the darkest night. With you, my love, my dearest friend, Our journey, a tale with no end."


Esé Azénabor SS25 Collection

“This collection is titled 'In Bloom' as a continuation of my 'In Blossom' collection. It's inspired by the Magnolia Grandiflora and touches on the phases of a flower as it transforms; highlighting the ability to wear the majority of the garments in numerous ways. 'In Bloom' showcases my appreciation for pearls, delicate floral appliqués, and signature Swarovski crystal patterns.” —Esé Azénabor


Monique Lhuillier “In Her Wonderland” Collection

“In a 14th-century villa, where secrets wander down the rabbit hole of time, our spirited heroine enters a world of fantasy, embracing the essence of ‘Il Dolce Far Niente.’”


Reem Acra “Essence of Reem” Collection

“Like a spring garden, this collection awakens the senses on every level, transporting the bride in the world of Reem Acra.”


Mira Zwillinger “Reflections” Collection

“Our [collection] was created with a strong will to remind ourselves and others that beauty and tenderness exist all around us, we have designed rich and flowy gowns with elements that echo from the gowns themselves, and change their shape in every movement, just like reality can change in an instant. It is up to us to be focused, present and open to see and connect to the magic surrounding us in life.”


Sareh Nouri “A Suite Beginning...At the St. Regis New York” Collection

“We aimed to capture the intimate moments of our brides-to-be before the vows and festivities begin. As the distant sounds of the city fade into the background, she savors the last moments of singularity. Whether it’s indulging in a lavish breakfast in a cozy hotel robe or lounging in a penthouse-like suite overlooking bustling Fifth Avenue, each moment is treasured.” —Sareh Nouri


Anne Barge SS25 Collection

“Each gown exudes grace and a sense of understated luxury, perfect for the bride seeking a dress that transcends trends. The collection showcases classic silhouettes with modern twists, intricate lace details and delicate embroidery.”


Lihi Hod “Lueur en Blanc Couture” Collection

“Inspired by a beautiful photo of Audrey Hepburn holding a white dove in her hands, Lihi Hod’s latest Spring 2025 bridal collection, ‘Lueur en Blanc’ or ‘Glow in White’, is a tribute to the classic elegance of the 1950s, and celebrates the iconic figures who define that era.”


Nardos Spring 2025 Collection

“The new collection captures the grace of the Victorian Era, creating timeless elegance for the modern bride.” —Nardos Imam


Photo credit: cover photo courtesy of Galia Lahav, others courtesy of the designers

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