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Why Couples Should Consider Live Music with Aloha Erica

Planning a wedding requires lots of decision-making. Some decisions come easier than others — color palette or flavor cake, for example. The decision to have live music at your wedding may not be easy, which is what we’re going to do — make it easy. We got with Erica of Aloha Erica, the well-known and well-respected award-winning acoustic guitarist and vocalist, to go over some of the things you should know when making this particular decision.


The Alive and Meaningful Ambiance

Erica sets out 7 simple reasons why live music should be considered and most have to do with making your day unique, feel good, and personalized. They are:

  1. Live music creates a unique experience since most musicians can create their own renditions that have never been heard before.
  2. Live music brings people together as they share the same once-in-a-lifetime performance.
  3. With live music, you and your guests will have a lasting memory of the day every time you hear those special songs played, like your walk down the aisle and your first dance.
  4. Live music can set the tone of the day from the moment guests arrive.
  5. Having a quality live musician can eliminate things going wrong since they can adapt at any second to make the timeline seem like it went as expected.
  6. Live musicians often have a specific style so you can choose the vibe you're looking for.
  7. Having a live musician allows you to customize the feel of the moment by working with them to shorten or lengthen songs, or even to add in special lyrics dedicated to your loved one.

Aloha Erica Wedding Live Musician


The Ability to Play Nice with DJs

Deciding to hire a musician doesn’t mean you cannot also have a DJ. In fact, many of the best weddings have both, Erica explains, a musician to play live music during the guest’s arrival, ceremony, and cocktail and dinner hours and a DJ to take over during the speeches, first dances, cake cutting, and dance party portion of the night. In her words, “I love seeing the day transition from the most serene, enchanting mood set by the live musician, into a high energy, we-love-every-song kind of dance session with a talented DJ.”


The Budget Won’t Break

Music sets the mood, the atmosphere, and brings family and friends together so it’s worth setting aside even a small budget, as a small budget can go a long way when selecting a quality musician. “The cost for hiring a live musician can range depending on a number of factors including, number of musicians, length of time, location, and customized add-ons like writing a song for you for your wedding day,” Erica notes. However, on average the cost is less than a grand and “most solo musicians range from $300-$800 for a ceremony performance, adding on a few hundred dollars per cocktail hour, dinner performance, and extra hours.”


The Song Selection is Entirely Yours

Musicians understand the song selection is entirely your own and they can make them yours too. Musicians can mold existing songs by adjusting the length, adding personalized lyrics, or even writing a personalized song for you as a couple. But if you aren’t looking for any of those touches and just want to enjoy songs as they are, then they should be able cover a range of songs, especially your favorite. And we asked Erica what her most requested song is just for fun and she told us it is “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. According to Erica, “This song has held onto a spot on the lists of songs to walk down the aisle to for many years. It really is such a beautiful song with its elegance, serene nature, and profound commitment in the lyrics as it speaks to the connection two people make having waited a long time to finally be united forever.”


Tips from a Pro as You Hire a Musician

We couldn’t let Erica go without giving us some tips of the trade, things you should know when hiring musicians for live music at your wedding. And her number one most important tip is to read the musician’s reviews and watch their performances. This extra effort will help you determine if they would be a good fit for your wedding. In a close second, Erica tells us that “another tip is to look for clues as to whether [the musician is] organized and [has] mastered the art of flowing with the timeline. Most people don't know that a live musician's job is to guide the timeline of the ceremony with songs that flow in and out of the program elements in sync with the officiant. When you have an expert musician who knows what to expect and how to coordinate well with everyone involved, the planner, venue coordinator, officiant... and don't forget you, the couple, you'll have an amazing experience.”

If you want to look no further than Erica, then remember she will never let you settle for impersonal wedding music that just checks the box. You’ll get songs that really matter, songs that help you relax into enjoying the day. She does this by guiding you in picking out songs, personalizing them, and performing exquisite live renditions. For Erica, it’s not about a one size fits all experience. Her “passion is to create an ambience that will fill you with a sense of being truly known and truly loved for who you are.” So all couples go through a process to select the perfect songs for their story, and to help them get started, she shares her playlist of recommended love songs.

Visit her website and follow along with her on IG @alohaerica.


About Aloha Erica

Erica has been a performance musician for over 15 years. She’s also 5 Star Rated on Google and has provided the most high-quality experience of unique renditions of songs for couples all over the world. She didn't start off as a wedding musician but found her stride when friend after friend kept asking her to perform for their wedding.

Aloha Erica Wedding Live Musician

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