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Everything You Should Know About Incorporating Pearls into Your Wedding with Designer of Milk Velvet Pearls

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then what about pearls? Perhaps we can say pearls are a bride’s best friend. Hailing from organic origins with their lustrous sheen and varying colors, pearls are nature's most elegant and stylish treasure. They are classic, a timeless tradition; they are versatile and a perfect fit for many brides and their weddings. Who better to share some insights on incorporating pearls into your wedding than Sarah Faulkner, Founder & Designer of Milk Velvet Pearls?!


The Elegance of Pearls

“Pearls have been worn for thousands of years by the noblest of women. They are the oldest gem in history, and the only one born of a living creature. They go beautifully with all skin tones, and photograph well,” according to Faulkner.

Milk Velvet Pearls

In fact, she suggests there are a variety of ways pearls can be incorporated into a wedding. “The bride can wear pearl jewelry, or hair accessories. The groom can wear a pearl tie tack or lapel pin. Bridesmaids’ dresses can be tied together with a matching piece of jewelry, which also makes a great gift for them. The mother of the bride, and the mother of the groom look gorgeous in pearls as well.

Milk Velvet Pearls

“Strapless dresses look gorgeous with a pearl strand necklace. Dresses with a high neckline look best with statement earrings. A pretty cuff bracelet will call special attention to the bridal bouquet.

“From statement pieces, to the simple and romantic. Pearls offer endless choices for timeless style. They can be worn on the wedding day, everyday thereafter, and passed down for generations.”

If that’s not enough, pearls can also be incorporated into hairstyles. Depending on the chosen style and the dress, “pearls can be worn to highlight the bride’s natural beauty without detracting from the dress.”

Milk Velvet Pearls

The most popular way pearls are included in weddings are with simple stud earrings, Faulkner tells us. “They are popular for women of all ages, from flower girls to great-grandmothers.”

Milk Velvet Pearls


The Versatility of Pearls

One of the biggest advantages to wearing pearls is their versatility. She explains, “Pearls can be as casual or as extravagant as the woman who wears them. [They’re] as appropriate for a casual wedding as they are for a casual day at home. They can be worn with wedding dresses or tee shirts. . . . The etiquette for wearing pearls has changed. With greater accessibility to freshwater pearls, and new, modern, wearable designs; pearls are no longer reserved for stuffy, formal occasions. I see women wearing pearls daily and casually all over the world. Men are too!

“I think couples should choose pearls for their wedding day for a multitude of reasons. They are soft, feminine, lustrous and gorgeous — and illuminate like candlelight. Also, and most importantly in my opinion, they represent beauty born from struggle, and wisdom gained through experience. When I look at a pearl, I see faith, perseverance and triumph. All of which you need for marriage!!”

Milk Velvet Pearls

Milk Velvet Pearls


The Affordability of Pearls

And if you’re still not sure you can have pearls at your wedding, then consider their affordability. Faulkner notes, “Greater availability of freshwater pearls has brought prices down in recent years making them an affordable option for many. Prices range depending on size, type, quality and number of pearls. . . . Akoya, Tahitian and South Seas pearls exude a deeper essence and are more expensive. Single pearls can cost several hundred dollars each. Necklaces can get into several thousands of dollars.” For example, at Milk Velvet Pearls, freshwater pearl earrings start at $22 and necklaces go up to $800.


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