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Everything You Should Know About Champagne Towers at Your Wedding Reception

Champagne towers are the epitome of glamour, they add a certain level of sophistication to a wedding reception that is unmatched. They have become increasingly popular in the past year, but are still underutilized, in our opinion. Wedding planner Madyson Bell of Mady Bell Events has 10 tips about champagne towers that could change your opinion on this rare element at wedding receptions and give your wedding an unmatched WOW-factor.

1. Champagne towers can be worked into your grand entrance, cake cutting, or right after toasts to kick off dancing!

2. They should be avoided as centerpieces for tables, unless you want to put it on the escort table or cake table.

3. Check with your venue before planning to have a champagne tower because some venues might have certain areas where they would prefer you to not do this due to the possibility of spillage.

4. You can make it as small as you'd like but there does come a point where it is too large because you have to be able to reach the top glass to pour the champagne. The magic number is 5 glasses high. You start with a 5x5 group at the bottom, then go 4x4 on top of that, etc. until you have one glass at the top.

5. Coupe champagne glasses are the best option. Regular champagne glasses have too small of an opening and aren't stackable. You can either use plastic or rented coupe glasses, but if you are renting, make sure to ask your rental company if they are all the same brand. Some rental companies have varying brands of glasses which are slightly different heights. This doesn't matter if they are just being used behind the bar or on guest tables, but when stacking they all need to be the exact same height.

6. If you’re nervous about the glass breaking, choose shatterproof glasses or plasticware. However, if it’s an outdoor wedding on a windy day, then real glassware will work best. You can also plan on bringing trays that match your wedding theme of varying sizes that you can place between the layers. This will give your tower some added stability. If this is still not enough, you can hire your photographer for an additional hour and stage the champagne tower at an indoor space after your wedding.

7. Let your planner or bartender build the tower — it takes time, patience, and steady hands.

8. You will need at least 6 bottles for an average-sized tower.

9. When selecting your beverage, sparkling rosé is very popular. For another colorful option, you may decide to pour pre-made aperol spritz!

10. If you want to add a pop of color, then you can have pre-placed berries in each glass which will float to the top as they fill with champagne.

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