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Creating an Energy that Keeps Guests Dancing All Night

Weddings represent so much. They are meaningful and special in their own right. However, they also stand for fun — wedding receptions are the very epitome of fun. They are the ultimate party, celebrating you and your new spouse. And everyone loves a good party, which is why when it comes to wedding entertainment, it is one element that quickly becomes so important. You want to enjoy yourselves, you want your guests to enjoy themselves — it makes sense. So we are talking about creating an energy that keeps the fun alive, that keeps your guests dancing all night, and who better to hear from than a musician and the manager for Royal Dukes Band? Yes, that’s right, we’ve talked with Evan Weiss from Royal Dukes Band for all the details.


What Keeps the Energy Up at Weddings?

According to Weiss, one of the single most important elements at a wedding that keeps the energy alive and the guests dancing long into the night is a high-energy performance. “We love reading a room and playing songs that we know will get guests up on the dance floor and the crowd will love. Sing-a-longs like like Mr. Brightside or I Wanna Dance with Somebody are especially popular. Even non-dancers will want to participate in singing along to their favorite songs!”

And that’s not all, as newlyweds, you can help too. He explains, “We’ve performed at some weddings where couples bring in a surprise act, whether it’s a special dance, live entertainers (including us, of course), and even break dancers!”

To help things along, you might have your band take the lead. “Interacting with the crowd, making announcements and hyping [the guests] up will definitely keep people alert and interested. Our horn players often like to take a solo opportunity to mingle with guests on the dance floor. That always creates a fun moment for everyone!” Weiss tells us.

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Let’s Talk Music and Playlists

Now, you might be wondering about music, your playlists, and overall song selection. The good news is that while you may have to put a lot of effort into picking your first dance song, for example, making sure energy stays high won’t be that difficult, because it’s all about recognizable songs. Weiss notes, “Music and song selection is crucial for guest entertainment! Guests love to dance to songs they know, especially ones that are upbeat and will get them up and grooving. It’s important to play recognizable songs and we want to play songs for every generation so the grandparents will have as much fun as the bridal party!” Indeed, some genres are more recognizable than others, like Motown or Oldies, or even Top 40/Pop, Weiss says. “We find that these genres are what people know most and will sing their hearts out to on the dance floor, but a good mix of genres will help appeal to every guest.”

And the bottom line, according to Weiss, is that “as long as the couple is having fun, the guests will too!” So don’t be afraid to get out there and dance as much (or as erratically) as you want, simply feel it, have fun, and dance the night away.

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