A Provençal Lavender Cake for Your France-inspired Wedding

A Provençal Lavender Cake for Your France-inspired Wedding

with Georgiana Tamas of Posh & Cake

Tamas was selected to be part of the creative team behind a Provence-inspired wedding shoot, photographed by Jennifer Jane Photography, and it gave her the opportunity to create a lavender masterpiece. Taking her experience, Tamas now shares her insights and cake design ideas.

Cake flavor and filling combinations are endless, but Tamas explains for this type of cake, “since lavender is safe to consume, why not consider it as a cake flavor? Personally, I would opt for a sponge cake infused with lavender tea, blended with lavender syrup, and topped with a lavender Swiss meringue buttercream that boasts a smooth texture and a well-balanced level of sweetness.”

In terms of cake decor, Tamas favors the rustic style because it “has the potential to exude elegance and sophistication. As a professional in the field, I take into account all the elements required to create the perfect cake for my clients. To ensure the cake withstands the Provençal climate, such as during a summer wedding when the cake is displayed outside, I would recommend a ‘fully-iced cake’ with a white chocolate ganache coating and sugar paste icing.

“This approach properly seals the cake, making it the best option, and rules out the possibility of using a naked or semi-naked cake or a buttercream coating.

For me, achieving clean and crisp edges and an overall neat appearance of the icing is absolutely essential as it elevates the cake to another level. In addition, I tend to favor simpler designs that prominently feature lavender sprigs as the focal point, with edible watercolor hand-painted in the background to provide a visually appealing backdrop.”

If you picked up on Tamas’ mention of lavender sprigs, then you might be wondering if it is advisable to include them on the cake, and where. She notes, “I believe that nature is the ultimate designer and a tremendous source of inspiration for me. I frequently draw on natural elements such as flowers and fruit or try to replicate them in my cake designs to create a genuine, natural atmosphere. Depending on my mood at the time of designing the cake, I may choose to incorporate either fresh or handcrafted lavender flowers, and I always make sure to find the perfect spot on the cake to display them once I've achieved the desired effect.”

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