Summer Skincare Treatments from Licensed Esthetician Jess Clarke Higgins

Summer Skincare Treatments from Licensed Esthetician Jess Clarke Higgins

Let the countdown to summer begin! For us, we simply cannot wait another second to dream about fun in the sun. And while it is fun to hang in the sun on long summer days, it can have an impact on your skin, so we got with our (and your) favorite licensed Esthetician, skin expert and acne specialist, Jess Clarke Higgins for all things summer skin treatments so you’re prepared for the season. She is also the Owner of Denver, Colorado’s Just Skin Den because, for her, it’s all about feeling good in your skin. So let’s jump right in!


Facial Treatments for Summer Skin

Summer skin is often dry, cracked, or sun-burned, there’s no question of that. Indeed skin types vary, but these are common occurrences in the summer even for those of us with combination or oily skin (yes, I’m talking about myself here, too, lovies). So what does Clarke Higgins recommend by way of facial treatments? She tells us: “I would recommend either not getting a facial treatment at all as that skin is especially sensitive and if you are peeling from a sunburn, you could end up with hypo-pigmentation (white spots) which are very hard to reverse. Or, go and get a very gentle facial with hydrating products and a little manipulation from an Esthetician.”

Just Skin Den

But again, skin types vary, so you might be wondering what she recommends if you’re more oily, even during the summer months, and not so much sun-burned or dry/cracked. Luckily, Clarke Higgins has you covered. Her advice: “If you have more oily skin, I would recommend changing your routine slightly — add in a toner that has some salicylic acid or willow bark (Paula’s Choice BHA is the most popular). I would use it 2-3 times a week in the morning to start. Try using a more gel-based moisturizer, I like Neutrogena Hydroboost as an affordable option.”

And for those of you wondering about LED blue light treatments, she explains, “blue light is great, but anything you do at home you must be consistent with. If you do it once a week, you won’t see the kind of results that are noticeable. I would try to use it every day/night for about 5 minutes. Blue light helps with oil production and to kill bacteria that causes breakouts.” 

Self-care Skin Treatments At-home

Clarke Higgins makes it no secret — she is all for at-home treatments and recommends them. “I like to say to do it 1-2x a week depending on what else you use at home. Do it on a day where you are not using anything else exfoliating. For oily skin types, I would get something clay-based and use it once a week because it can be drying. For dry skin types, I would get a sleeping mask like Hydraberry from Clearstem, you could use that every night over your moisturizer if you wanted. For everyone else, I love my Pregame Mask with Clearstem. You can use 1-2x a week and it helps to brighten and resurface skin and is gentle enough to use the day of a big event, [like your wedding, of course].”

Removing Makeup and Debris

“The best way to remove dirt and/or makeup from skin is to double cleanse. I like to start with an oil, rinse it off, then use my traditional cleanser,” says Clarke Higgins, “The key is to use a white towel. I like to use the single-use biodegradable ones from Clean Skin Club. This way you can see, visually, if all of the dirt is gone from your skin.”

Sensitive Skin and the Sun

For brides with sensitive skin concerns, she explains, “I would make sure they are using as much sunscreen as possible and icing their face at home. Stick to a moisturizer with aloe in it (I love Glymed Comfort Cream). And hold off on invasive in-office treatments.”


Skin Hydration

And finally, Clarke Higgins talks the most sought after goal for summer skin — hydration. She says, “Truly, the best way to hydrate is from the inside-out. Focus on drinking plenty of water and getting electrolytes. I also love sleeping with a humidifier. [Lastly,] if you use a hydrating serum, remember to put that on your skin first before a moisturizer so that you skin can truly absorb it.”


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