So, What’s the Proper Wax After Care Instructions, Anyway?

When it comes to waxing, I literally cringe at the word, I have used *so* many DIY hair removal home kits it’s not even funny. I have also screamed on the top of my lungs after peeling one of two of those baddies off. Let’s just say Monica and Phoebe on Friends had it right…. Those kits are not made for human skin, seriously. Now, I might’ve recently found one for smooth, bump-free skin that is also super gentle on my super sensitive skin. Buuuut that’s for another time. Right now, we’re just talking waxing after care instructions, period. It doesn’t matter if you use a home kit or go to the salon, it just matters how you take care of yourself afterward. Btw, the first time I waxed myself at home all by myself, I didn’t know half of these instructions and really wish it came in the box of the kit I bought, just sayin’.


Technically, this article isn’t for pre-waxing tips and to warn you to *always* read the instructions on the box of your kit, but I’m going to leave you with that anyway. Real quick: make sure your skin is dry before waxing, not just exfoliated, but definitely clean and dry. If you just exfoliated or creamed, don’t wax. Getting the gist?

Speaking of cream, if you use retinol, stop that a week in advance before waxing. Unfortunately, this sort of means you have to have a day on the calendar marked down for waxing. Ik, what a pain.

And, above all, remember to be kind to yourself. If your skin is irritated afterward, that’s normal. As long as it doesn’t last longer than a few hours, then maybe freak out ‘cause you’re probably having an allergic reaction. If not, though, and it’s just irritated, then repeat after me: you’re ripping off skin cells. It’s not comfortable and it does hurt, there’s no two ways about it. Idc how strong you are, it hurts like a b****.



Take a lukewarm shower the evening after you wax or go to the salon for the service.

Wear loose clothing (you’re gonna realize this is a necessity).


Avoid the sun (yes, that means no sun-bathing, which sucks when you do this during the summer btw).

Do not excessively sweat (easier said than done, IK) but that means the gym is probably off limits, just for now at least, oh, and the sauna. Ahem, and we know you’ve sweat during sex before, so maybe skip that too to air on the side of caution.


Don’t even think about using oils or heavy lotions for a few days.

Begin exfoliating 48-72 hours after your wax.

If you follow these instructions, your wax will be 10x more effective and you’ll have super smooth skin that you’ll be thanking yourself for later. ;)

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