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Let’s Talk ’bout Lip Gloss, Losing the Sticky Kisses and Kiss Marks (Unless It’s Your Thing)

Contributing Writer: Alayne Curtiss


It’s been a liplicious weekend and we’ve had so much fun going over all the things you need to know for your lips whether you’re getting married, already did, or just love beauty!

Rules of Reapplying Lip Gloss

If you’re someone who needs a glossy look, we get it, so of course you need to be appropriately armed with the rules of reapplying your lip gloss…. So, here's the deal: lip gloss doesn't stick around as long as other lip products, we all know that. It's just the nature of the beast. The glossy finish and lighter texture of lip glosses make them more prone to fading or wearing off quickly. Boo! ☹️

So, how many times do you need to reapply lip gloss? Well, it depends on a few things. First off, what kind of lip gloss are you using? Some formulas are designed to last longer and stay put better. Look for those labeled as long-wearing or high-shine if you want your gloss to hang around a bit longer. Then there's your daily routine. Eating, drinking, and chatting away can make your lip gloss vanish in a flash. So, if you enjoy a meal or have a sip of champagne, chances are you'll need to do a quick reapplication afterward. We don't want to be caught with naked lips, right?


As a general rule of thumb, aim to reapply your lip gloss every 2-3 hours to keep that gorgeous shine and intensity going strong. But remember, it's important to listen to your own lips. If your gloss is looking a little dull or feeling a bit dry, it's time to give it a boost.

Now, let's talk weddings! If you're a getting married, make sure to add lip gloss to your touch-up kit. Pass it on to your BFF or wedding planner and let them be your lip gloss guardian angel. They'll be on the lookout for when you need a touch-up, so you can focus on enjoying your special day without worrying about your gloss game.

Oh, and here's a pro tip: consider using a lip liner underneath your lip gloss. It creates a solid base for the gloss to cling to, making it last longer. It's like giving your gloss a secret superpower!

Finally, when it comes to your wedding day, we want your lip gloss to shine in all the right moments. Think close-up bridal portraits and bridal party images. But let's skip the gloss right before the ceremony and in any couple shots where you'll be smooching your groom often. We don't want any accidental gloss transfers stealing the show!

And, on the topic of gloss transfers, we can’t not talk about sticky kisses and kiss marks. (What, we know you know what we’re talking about!)

Sticky Kisses + Kiss Marks, No, Thank You

Sticky Kisses

If your partner is opposed to sticky kisses, no worries! We've got you covered with some lip choices that will keep things non-sticky and delightful. Let's dive in!

First things first, let's avoid lip glosses with that sticky or tacky texture. While they can give your lips a nice shine, some formulas can feel a bit gooey, which might not be what you or your partner are looking for during intimate moments. (See above.)

Instead, check out these awesome alternatives that offer a similar effect without the stickiness:

Try Satin or Cream Lipsticks

These lipsticks give you a soft, smooth, and non-sticky finish while still providing that lovely luster. You'll get moisture and comfort without any heavy stickiness.

Try Liquid Lipsticks with a Matte or Satin Finish

Look for liquid lipsticks that dry down to a matte or satin finish. These bad boys are long-lasting and kiss-proof, with intense color payoff and a non-sticky texture once they set. Lightweight and non-sticky? Yes, please!

Try Lip Stains

If you want a lip color that stays put without feeling sticky, lip stains are your go-to. They're thinner than lip glosses and offer a natural, lightweight feel. And hey, if you want a subtle sheen, you can layer them with a lip balm or clear gloss.

Try Tinted Lip Balms

For a more casual and low-maintenance lip look, tinted lip balms are your BFF. They give you a hint of color and moisture without the sticky sensation. Lightweight and comfortable? Absolutely!

“Kiss Marks”

So your S.O. doesn’t like it when you leave a kiss “mark” on their lips or cheek? Let’s tackle that lip concern, because truly no one wants that, right?

So, let's avoid lip products that have a high transfer or smudging potential (hello, remember the lip gloss we just discussed). Here's what to be cautious of:

Be Cautious of Creamy or High-Shine Lipsticks

These lipsticks with a creamy or high-shine finish can easily transfer onto your partner's skin upon contact. Their creamy texture and emollient properties make them more likely to leave marks.

Be Cautious of Glossy or Sticky Lip Glosses

Lip glosses with a glossy finish or sticky texture can also transfer and leave marks on your partner's skin. Their high-shine nature and tackiness can be a culprit for unwanted smudges. Told ya, it’d come back up.

Be Cautious of Bold or Dark Lip Colors

While we love bold and dark shades, they can leave more noticeable marks if they transfer. The depth of color makes any smudging or transfer more visible.

And to minimize the chances of leaving marks on your S.O. or clothing, consider these alternatives:

Try Long-Wearing or Transfer-Resistant Lipsticks

Look for lipsticks marketed as long-wearing or transfer-resistant. They're designed to stick to your lips and resist transferring onto other surfaces, reducing the chance of leaving marks.

Try Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Matte liquid lipsticks are your best friend when it comes to smudge-proof and transfer-resistant formulas. Once they dry down, they create a matte finish that stays put on your lips and won't transfer onto your partner's skin.

Try Lip Stains

Lip stains offer a sheer or natural-looking tint and tend to leave minimal transfer or marks. They stain your lips rather than sitting on top of the skin, reducing the chance of noticeable smudging or transferring.

Remember, doing a patch test or or trial-run of your chosen lip product is always a good idea to see how it performs and transfers before your wedding day. A great tip for any lipcolor is to blot with loose powder through a single ply tissue, then reapply and repeat.  Finally, give your lips a good final blot with the tissue to eliminate any transfer and also increase the longevity of any type of lip color.  

Try Lipstick Sealer

You may also try a lipstick sealer, like Ella Lipchic Lipstick Sealer, which works to seal any lipstick, but not glosses. Sorry, babe!

Finally, remember communication with your partner about their preferences is key to ensuring comfortable kisses for both of you.





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