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Everything You Should Know About Getting a Spray Tan for Your Wedding

It’s been a long winter and we know that it is almost over, but that doesn’t guarantee plenty of sunshine in the forecast. So how do you get that glow you so crave for your wedding day? With a spray tan, of course! And whether this would be your first go at it or you’re a seasoned champ at getting them, we’ve got all the details when it comes to getting a spray tan for your wedding because now the stakes are even higher. Yes, we’re thinking about those wedding photos you’ll have for a lifetime, or the wedding video you’ll watch on your anniversaries to come. You want to look your best sun-kissed self, so we chatted with Hannah Metz, Founder & CEO of Anomalie Beauty Agency, a team of luxury, on-site hair & makeup artists for everything you should know.


Spray Tan Prep

Your wedding day prep list is long, no doubt, and if you want a spray tan ahead of your wedding, it could just get longer. But it’ll be worth it when it’s done right.

Scheduling Your Spray Tan

Metz recommends having your spray tan done between 48 and 72 hours before your wedding day. “However, we always encourage our brides to do a trial spray tan, just like they may do a trial for hair and makeup, or a dress fitting. This allows you to ensure that you and your Spray Tan Artist have a plan in place regarding your desired color and depth of the tan, so there are no surprises before your big day,” Metz explains.

Skin Prep

“Cleanse, exfoliate, and complete any hair removal prior to [your] tanning appointment,” Metz suggests. “Before your appointment, you want to ensure that your skin is clean, dry, and free from any lotion, perfumes, deodorant and makeup, as it can block the DHA from absorbing into the skin properly. We also recommend removing all jewelry before your tan is applied. If you have a previously applied spray tan or self tan, it’s recommended to exfoliate this or remove it completely before your next tan.”



As with most things in the beauty sector, there is no one-size fits all. Everyone’s coloring goals are different — skin tones and undertones are also different. So how can you find the right coloring for your wedding day? Metz has you covered; she says: “Working with a qualified Spray Tan Artist will ensure that they can assist you in making this decision! When our team does a spray tan, we typically come prepared with multiple formulas that we can custom mix and tailor to any skin tone. We look at factors such as your natural skin tone and ability to tan, your hair and eye color, your undertones, and of course, your personal preferences and desired level of tanning depth to help aid in selecting the perfect color. This is common with experienced Tanning Experts.”

The only caveat, she explains, is that these custom mixes for combinations of colors is common when your Spray Tan Artist is using a “traditional HVLP Spray Tan Machine, but for machine-operated tanning solutions, such as the VersaSpa, where you are sprayed by a machine and not a human, customization is more limited.”

Anomalie Beauty Agency Spray Tanning Wedding


Post-Spray Tan Care

While the prep is important, the post-tan care is also important. So you may find yourself wondering whether you can shower after your spray tan and what else you may need to do. But Anomalie’s Metz tells us that this is another area that is not one size fits all. “Every solution is different and requires different processing times. [At Anomalie Beauty Agency], we use both a rapid tan solution, which can provide results in as little as 2-4 hours, as well as a longer processing solution that takes up to 8 hours to develop.”

Her best post-spray tan care advice: “Ask your Spray Tanning Artist what type of solution they are using, and what the recommended processing time is. No matter what, you always want to make sure to allow the tan to process in the directed time before showering, so that you get the proper effect and desired color.”

Anomalie Beauty Agency Spray Tanning Wedding


Spray Tan Do’s and Do Not’s from Anomalie Beauty

1. Do a trial run before the final look. If you’re not sure if your Artist offers that, ask; you’ll be glad you did. “The more you can try it out beforehand, the more comfortable you will feel on the day-of (and avoid any mistakes!).”

2. Do use “an SPF daily on the face and body, regardless of if you have a tan or not, to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and sun damage.”

3. If you plan on getting waxed, shaved, or having other hair removal, do schedule it before your spray tan otherwise you run the risk of removing the tan afterwards. “For waxing, we typically recommend at least 48 hours before, but if you tend to have sensitive skin, waiting 72 hours or up to a week after waxing may be advised. For shaving, you can shave as little as 24 hours before.”

4. If you want to keep that glow for your honeymoon, do stay moisturized. “Keeping moisturized goes a long way to prolong your tan. Avoid excessive shaving or exfoliation until you are ready to remove your tan, as this can wear down the color and make it fade more quickly. We also love using a gradual tanning lotion post-tan to stay moisturized and maintain the color as long as possible.”

5. Do not “heavily spray tan [your] face, as it can cause makeup to oxidize which is not ideal for a day where you'll be heavily photographed. I also personally recommend selecting a color that gives you a natural glowy bronze, similar to how you tan in the sun — but do NOT go overboard. Wearing a big white dress with skin that looks orange can be a nightmare, especially in professional photos.”


Fixes for the Dreaded Spray Tan Fail

We’ve all heard the advice, whether it’s true or a myth, to soak in a lemon bath, apply aloe vera, and a myriad of other home remedies, but when we asked Metz about it, she said, “There are a few companies that create self tan mousses and other at-home tanning products that also have a tan remover or eraser. We have found that these are most effective, in combination with using an exfoliator or exfoliating glove, to remove a spray tan.” So if you don’t like your glow, you have options.



As with most things, pricing varies and by way of an example, at Anomalie Beauty Agency they offer on-location spray tans where they come to you for only $80, which we’re told is a standard price for a higher quality tan. Metz explains, “We always like to emphasize quality over price [as you may be able to find cheaper options out there, but] just because something is cheaper, doesn’t mean that it’s the same quality, and with something as important as your wedding day, it’s worth it to splurge!”

Photos courtesy of Anomalie Beauty Agency
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