BTW, The Strawberry Makeup Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere

BTW, The Strawberry Makeup Trend Isn’t Going Anywhere

Feeling the need to point out the obvious — makeup trends are consistently being named after (some of my fave) food or drinks. Glazed donut skin, cherry lips, blueberry nails, latte eyes, oh and now the latest, strawberry makeup. (When I first tried cherry cola lips, I actually prepped by drinking a cherry cola soda beforehand because why the heck not?!) Now, I’m sure we can all agree TikTok is always bringing up new makeup and beauty obsessions. I mean, seriously, you sneeze, TikTok’s app refreshes, and you’ve got yourself a new makeup trick that’s going viral right before your eyes. And for many it becomes the thing to do and play with for their wedding weekend looks, experimenting and doing a little DIY action before the big day. With all the photos you’re bound to get, it’s nice to look nice and do something different.

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What is Strawberry Makeup?

Well, it’s sorta what you’d think. It’s literally makeup utilizing a color palette made up of berry-licious colors, such as pinks and reds. You know that sun-kissed look you get when you stay out in the sun a little too long, but it’s so damn worth it because the dewy, soft look it provides, too, appears effortless and flattering? When you wear strawberry makeup, it gives you a berry-kissed look. 🍓☀️ Hot damn, I think I just coined a new phrase.

Getting the Strawberry Makeup Look

Let me just begin by saying I’m no makeup artist, but I am a *serious* beauty enthusiast. And Hailey Bieber made it look so much fun, it was like how could you not want to try this?

Literally the most basic makeup application ever. Do your thang, applying the usual concealer and bronzer, and then you can begin making yourself look berry-kissed (yes, that’s what I’m calling it now). Select two shades of pink you either have or are will have because your obsessed with them (if you’re feeling the need for a little shopping). Your selections can be a powder, cream, or liquid. From there, you’ll apply it to your cheeks.

And if you (or your S.O.) are into this sort of thing, there are strawberry-scented blushes out there that you could also use when doing this, because why not be extra. It’s okay, go ahead, no judgment here.

Now, if you have freckles, don’t even worry about covering them up if that’s something you usually do, because it’ll only add to the strawberry look. If the Internet is any indication, people actually apply makeup to add the look of freckles just for this strawberry makeup trend — lucky you!

Now, we know you want to try it out, so what are you waiting for? Do it, snap some selfies and tag us on Insta @weddingdaymatch bc we’d LOVEEEE to see it. ❤️


Photo and video by @lexifmakeup on YouTube

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