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All Things Lipstick From Finding Your Color to Keeping it Long-Lasting

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It’s National Lipstick Day, lovies! Let’s celebrate in true lipstick style and get right to it with everyone’s favorite topic: finding your color! And don’t worry we’ve got plenty to say on the topic of red lipstick, plus tips for making it last longer and lipstick trial-runs (yes, that’s a total thing !).

Lipstick Coloring: The Choice

Now it is National Lipstick Day after all, so let’s just assume you’re going to rock the classic lipstick. Here’s everything you need to know about finding your right lip color.

Skin Tone Showdown

Think about your skin tone and undertones. Blush pinks are a great match for fair to medium skin tones with cool undertones. On the other hand, nudes are like chameleons and can rock any skin tone, from fair to deep.

Theme Park

Consider the overall vibe you want to slay on your special day. Blush pinks bring a touch of romance and a subtle burst of color to your makeup, while nudes give you that effortlessly elegant and natural look. Don't forget to consider your dress style, wedding theme, and especially your floral colors.

Makeup Dream Team

Make sure your lipstick color plays well with the rest of your makeup. Take a moment to think about the shades of your blush, eyeshadow, and overall color palette. It's all about that harmonious makeup symphony, lovey!

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Red Lipstick Do’s and Don’ts

Red Lipstick Rules: The Do’s

So, you're thinking about rocking some red lipstick on your wedding day? Lovey, that's a fabulous choice! Red lipstick can totally bring the glamour and sophistication to your look. But, hold up! There are a few things you should know to make sure you bring that red lip game. Let's break it down:

First things first, finding the right shade is key. You want a red that flatters your skin tone and undertones. Fair to medium babes, go for blue-based reds, while medium to deep skin tones can rock orange-based reds. Experiment with different shades to find your perfect match!

Now, let's talk finish. Matte lipsticks give you that timeless, classic look that won't budge. But if you want a little shine, satin or gloss finishes are your go-to.

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Don't forget about lip liner! Use a liner in the same shade as your lipstick to define and shape those gorgeous lips of yours. It'll prevent smudging and give you a precise application.

Now, let's talk balance. When you're wearing a bold red lip, keep the rest of your makeup more neutral. Focus on enhancing your eyes with soft eyeshadows, luscious lashes, and maybe a thin winged liner if you're feeling extra sassy. You want everything to work together like a dream.

Red Lipstick Rules: The Don’ts

Don't go overboard with the rest of your makeup. You want your red lips to be the star, so keep the eye makeup more subdued. Balance is the name of the game here, creating an elegant and cohesive look.

Don't forget to prep those lips! Red lipstick loves attention, so give your lips some love. Exfoliate beforehand to get rid of any dry or flaky skin, and moisturize to keep them smooth and hydrated.

And finally, don't forget those touch-ups! Even if you choose a long-wearing formula, it's always a good idea to have your lipstick and lip liner on hand for quick touch-ups throughout the day. You'll want your lip color to stay fresh and vibrant for those stunning wedding photos.

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Tips for Making Your Lipstick Last Longer

So, here are some fabulous tips to help you make that lipstick last from “I do” to the last dance!

First, let's give your lips some extra TLC. Start by exfoliating them a couple of days before the big day to get rid of any dry or flaky skin. Then, keep those lips hydrated with a nourishing lip balm. Trust us, well-prepped lips make all the difference in how your lipstick looks and lasts.

Next, grab yourself a lip primer. This little gem works wonders! Apply it before your lipstick to create a smooth canvas and enhance the color payoff. It'll also make sure your lip color stays put and doesn't feather, smudge, or fade. Lip primers are like superheroes for your pout!

Now, let's talk about lip liner. Get yourself a liner that matches your lipstick shade or is slightly darker. Outline and fill in your lips with it. This trick not only defines your lip shape but also prevents color bleeding. Plus, it provides a fantastic base for your lipstick to cling to. Fill in those lips, lovies!

Layering is the secret sauce for long-lasting lipstick. Apply a layer of lipstick, then gently blot with a tissue. Repeat this process by applying a second layer for a more intense pop of color. After that, take another tissue and give your lips a gentle blot to remove any excess product. Now, here's the cherry on top: dust a thin layer of translucent setting powder over your lips through a single ply tissue. It'll set the color and make it last even longer. Boom!

When it comes to lipstick selection, go for the long-wearing superheroes of the makeup world. Look out for keywords like "long-lasting," "smudge-proof," or "transfer-resistant" on those lipstick labels. Matte liquid lipsticks, lip stains, or long-wearing cream lipsticks are the champions you need. They'll stay put like loyal allies throughout your special day.

Now, we all know touch-ups are sometimes inevitable, no matter how hard we try. That's why it's essential to have a little touch-up kit on hand. Fill it with your chosen lipstick, lip liner, blotting papers, and a compact mirror. Take a breather during the day to refresh your lip color, blot away any excess oil, and keep that vibrant look going strong.

Oh, and here's a pro tip: try to avoid oily or greasy foods that might put your lipstick at risk. Take small bites, use a straw when sipping your favorite drinks, and be mindful of any lip smudging. We want your lip color to last, and these little tricks will help you make it happen.

Lastly, always choose lip products that make you feel comfortable, confident, and absolutely beautiful on your special day. Before the wedding, do a trial run to test the longevity of your chosen lip products. This way, you can make any necessary adjustments and ensure they meet your expectations. You're going to rock that lipstick, gorgeous!

So, there you have it, stunners! Follow these tips, and your lipstick will be the last thing you'll need to worry about on your wedding day. Now go out there, say "I do" with confidence, and have the time of your life! Cheers to love, happiness, and long-lasting lip color!

Lipstick Trial Runs

Why should you bother with a trial run, you ask? Well, it's simple. Trying out your lipstick beforehand lets you see how it holds up throughout the day. You'll know if it lasts long enough to keep you looking fabulous from "I do" to the last dance. Plus, you can make any necessary adjustments to ensure your lips stay fresh and vibrant.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Lipstick Trial Run

Step 1: Choose your Lipstick

Pick a shade and formula that tickle your fancy. Matte, satin, glossy — go for whatever floats your boat. Just remember to consider factors like color, finish, and how long it lasts.

Step 2: Prep Your Lips

Start by exfoliating your lips to get rid of any dry or flaky skin. Then, apply a hydrating lip balm and let it sink in for a few minutes and blot.

Step 3: Apply the Lipstick

Swipe on the lipstick using your preferred technique. Pay attention to how it feels, the color payoff, and how it looks on your lips. You want to make sure it's love at first sight!

Step 4: Wear it All Day

Go about your usual activities and see how the lipstick holds up. Check for any fading, feathering, or smudging. Notice if it's comfortable to wear or if it leaves your lips feeling dry.

Step 5: Test its Endurance

Keep an eye on how long the lipstick stays intact and vibrant. Does it survive eating, drinking, and other activities without losing its color? And, let's not forget, does it leave marks on your cups or your partner's cheek?

Step 6: Touch-up Time

If needed, perform some touch-ups during your trial run. See how easy it is to fix any imperfections and if the lipstick layers well without looking cakey.

Step 7: Evaluate its Performance

At the end of the day, take a good look at the lipstick's overall performance. Think about its longevity, comfort, color intensity, and whether it matches your wedding day vision.

Based on your trial-run, you can make any necessary adjustments. Maybe you'll switch to a different formula or shade, use a lip liner or primer for better staying power, or include some extra touch-up strategies in your wedding day plan.

Doing a trial run gives you confidence in your lipstick choice. It ensures that you'll be rocking the perfect pout on your special day. So, take this opportunity to troubleshoot any potential issues and make any adjustments needed to achieve that flawless, long-lasting lip look you've been dreaming of.





P.S. If you need to backup a step and make sure if lipstick is even right for you, check out this comprehensive guide to lip products and everything you need to know about lip liners.


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