The Countdown is On to New York Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2025

The Countdown is On to New York Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2025

Waiting to hit the Big Apple is painful, so today we’re taking a jaunt down memory lane at some of the looks we saw last NY Luxury Bridal Fashion Week.

Last season we saw so many trends: pearls, fringe, ball gowns, minis, and color, color, color. This season we can all predict what we’ll be seeing for spring 2025, but let’s be real, there’s really no way anyone can guess. That’s why the official countdown is on for us to take New York and we cannot wait.

But don’t worry because we’ll be there for you every. step. of. the. way. You’ll get to see all the happenings from New York’s runways — if our eyes see it, you’ll see. More so, if there’s a new collection drop, announcement, or other bitty of news from the designers, you’ll hear about it. We’ll be doing trend reports, wrap-ups, and more, so stick with us. It is what we do best, after all, delivering on all the fashion you’ll need for your wedding. And this coming week, it’s not about the wedding weekend or any of those pre-Wedding events — no, darling, it’s all about the wedding *day* and that beautiful dress you choose to tie the knot in. Oh, and maybe that beautiful dress you choose to enter your reception in like the queen you are, or even the dress you choose to leave your reception in… ‘cause we all know, sometimes one just isn’t enough!


Pnina Tornai

Courtesy of Pnina Tornai


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Peter Langner

Courtesy of Peter Langner


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Esé Azénabor

Courtesy of Esé Azénabor


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Francesca Miranda

SoBridal Social


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Leah da Gloria

SoBridal Social


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SoBridal Social


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Jimmy Choo

SoBridal Social


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