The City of Light’s Enchanting Energy Drives Galia Lahav’s Couture Collection L’Etoile and GALA Collection Le Rêve

The City of Light’s Enchanting Energy Drives Galia Lahav’s Couture Collection L’Etoile and GALA Collection Le Rêve

No bridal fashion week would be complete without Galia Lahav and while their NYLBFW show was cancelled due to deviating circumstances, they still delivered in the most satisfying way… with a celebration of Galia and head designer Sharon Sever’s emotional connection to the city of love and the everlasting power of love!

Each design from their latest collection (fall 2024) pays homage to the iconic beauty of Paris. And with 2 lines — their Couture Collection L’Etoile and their GALA Collection Le Rêve — there’s truly something for every style. It’s truly le gush! And we’ve pulled some of our favorites that embody ethereal elegance and if you can’t find something you love too then we’d be shocked!

“We carry the cosmos within the depths of our being, this is the eternal stardust that illuminates our existence” - Sharon Sever, Head Designer at Galia Lahav.


The beauty of this collection is illuminated by the timeless allure of Paris that seamlessly blends the majestic history of the Arc de Triomphe with the symbolic brilliance and romance of a star. Just as the monument stands tall and proud, each exquisite gown in the collection showcases architectural silhouettes, sculptural embellishments and intricate detailing, reflecting the rich history and grandeur of the landmark and the tradition and know-how of Haute Couture. Through the collection, you’ll find enchanting energy through delicate celestial motifs, shimmering beadwork, and celestial-inspired fabrics, transforming each gown into a constellation of ethereal beauty. Each is more stunning than the last, but in particular, we’re loving…


A modern black number, this ball gown embraces drama like no other. There’s a symphony of elegance that unfolds as a dramatic, pearl-studded boned sheer corset takes center stage, with a stunning black tulle skirt. And for the accessories, the extravagance is elevated — with a high-neck choker made of a variety of pearls with jet-black crystal accents, a silk birdcage headband veil with netting and small embellishments, and long-fitted sheer illusion sleeves with pearl strand embellishments. It’s tthis pearl-lover’s dream!

Galia Lahav wedding gown


A milky white delight, this a truly reimagined satin strapless ball gown. The timeless silhouette is enhanced with a lavish flourish — an extravagant silk flower that graces the corseted bodice (and it’s detachable for the reception !). This dress is further adorned with a daring high slit, harmonizing classic charm with modern allure. How about those gloves… we cannot forget the gloves… they’re sheer illusion netting that features a cascading long layer of tulle.

Galia Lahav wedding gown


This champagne darling is a satin mermaid gown draped in buttery silk that accentuates its deep scoop-pointed neckline. The best part, it’s adorned with extravagant lantern sleeves with tailored cuffs!

Galia Lahav wedding gown


Now, on to a mesmerizing journey to the heart of the Latin Quarter, where the dreamy allure of Place Saint Sulpice inspires this young, trendy, and fresh line, bringing to life breathtaking wedding gowns that seem straight out of a Parisian fairytale. Truly, they each shine with the brilliance of a thousand stars and you cannot help but be immersed in the romance of the satin dresses that flow like whispers, capturing the essence of Paris’s poetic spirit. Particularly…


A milky white gown, this silk A-line is the very definition of subdued opulence. The squared neckline of the corset top exudes refined elegance, while evoking a daring side with the side cutouts that are adorned with delicate lacing, carving an unique path through the silhouette. The high-slit voluminous skirt dances with every step. And the look would be completed with a cathedral length silk tulle veil with a thin beaded pearl trim, or a cute bow… you’re call!

Galia Lahav wedding gown


Blush and ivory has never looked so good! This alluring beaded lace sheath gown is complimented by a loose structured silk tulle blouse with a high-neck, flared cuffs and a peplum bottom. Embellished with beaded lace accents, we cannot stop swooning! And for the true pièce de résistance, look no further than the silk buckled bet cinched at the waist.

Galia Lahav wedding gown


This milky white and nude dream is a sophisticated silk draped A-line gown with delicate french-lace long sleeves with an off-the-shoulder neckline. It’s simplicity only increases it’s charm!

Galia Lahav wedding gown

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