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Let’s Talk About Ethical Wedding Rings, AKA Recycled Metal Rings

If you haven’t noticed the rising trend in sustainable missions and practices from your fave brands, then I don’t know what you’ve been doing (probably watching Suits like everyone else, but still). So, real quick recap on what you’ve missed, ethical and sustainable are in and we had to have all seen this coming because it’s a very important topic that’s not talked about enough (you’re welcome, we’re talking about it) and lab-grown diamonds had their moment years ago and have been shining in the spotlight ever since. Really, lab-grown diamonds are only becoming more and more in-demand. Buttt what if I told you we could kick things up a notch?

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If you’re shopping for a more sustainable wedding ring option, then you’re going to want to consider a few things like materials, sources, green practices, and supply chain practices.


Recycled metal rings are the most sustainable rings you’ll find. Some jewelers (Brilliant Earth, for example) offer recycled platinum, yellow gold, while gold, and silver. Now, not all parts of the ring may be recycled, a portion of the ring may not be, so if that’s an important consideration for you, then double check with your jeweler.


The great thing about lab-grown diamonds is that they’re not mined. Well, much is the same for recycled metals. They may be sourced from Responsible Mining Initiative, for instance. And if you’re curious where it was sourced ask your jeweler, I’m sure they’d be more than happy to tell you.

Green Practices

AKA the stamp of approval, some jewelers have their rings (even ring boxes) certified. Now, there are many certifications they can receive to note that they’re green. One being the Rainforest Alliance and the other the FSC. They may even be certified Carbonfree® by supporting the Tropical Rainforest Conservation project. Just sayin’.


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