Spring hair colors

Try these Spring Hair Colors

This season we’re saying: spring it on, lovey! Between the new fashion and beauty trends, NYBFW bringing in the Spring 2025 Collections from the hottest designers (ahem, Galia Lahav, Nardos, Peter Langner, Jimmy Choo, and literally countless others!), this season is coming in stronger than ever!

Spring is all about the color palette, though, especially when it comes to choosing the right ‘fit and for many people that means changing the color of your hair. We all know the celebs change their hair color for the season and it’s obsession-worthy, really. LBR I still can’t get over Hailey Bieber’s stunning hair color last fall. I mean, come on, it was everything.

That being said, let’s chat the spring colors you’re going to be craving for your hair. Out with the old, darling, and in with the new, that’s what I always say. So if you like to dye your hair for the season, then we 👏 got 👏 you.

Buttercream Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Peach Blonde

Chocolate Brunette

Chocolate Plum Brunette

Photos from My Hairdresser Australia

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