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Expert-Approved Summer Wedding Makeup Trends and Tips

As you know, we are all about looking toward summer these days. So we went over summer skincare tips, and today we’re all about summer wedding makeup trends and tips. And for this, we chatted with Jessica Mae, Founder and Creative Director for WarPaint International Beauty Agency.


Wedding Makeup Trends

You can expect to see consistency between the 2023 makeup trends and some summer wedding makeup trends. Mae tells us above all it’s about skin looking like skin. Brides will want to achieve “natural and luminous makeup [because] less is more.” Related trends include: “Luminous primers and lightweight foundation, neutral eyeshadow with rose gold accents, and natural lashes — heavy strip falsies are out and long natural lashes are in!” On the lash front, Mae suggests brides, “add a lash growth serum to your beauty routine to get you the best lashes for your big day.”

According to Mae, other wedding makeup trends are: “Purple blush (on darker skin tones), moisturized glossy lips, subtle shimmery eyes, and brushed up, fluffy brows.”

And finally, she says, face embellishments are back in thanks to Taylor Swift.


Tips for Making Your Wedding Makeup Last

Four tips on making your wedding makeup last right from the expert:

  1. “Work with an artist that offers airbrush foundation. Specifically a silicone foundation formula. This will give you the most humidity resistant results as well as skin that looks like skin.
  2. “DO NOT have any facial treatments done within 7 days of your wedding. Yes, you want glowing skin but we don’t want your skin so fresh from a treatment that the makeup slides off.
  3. “Plan to have blotting sheets on hand along with some powder to touch up with throughout the day. It also doesn’t hurt to have some extra lash glue in case a lash comes loose from those tears!
  4. “The biggest tip is in the skincare prep leading up to the wedding day. If you don’t have a solid skincare routine — get one! Having a few facials is a great idea as well. The better canvas your artist has, the better and longer lasting results you’ll have!”


Photos courtesy of WarPaint International Beauty Agency

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