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Everything You Should Know About Pre-Wedding Treatments

It’s no surprise that you want to look your absolute best on your wedding day — we get it, we really do. You’ve got the attire, the accessories, the hair and perhaps makeup planned. But what about your skin? Getting that glow from dewy, smooth skin is important too. There are ways to go about that so you don’t damage your skin or create beauty blunders before your big day, and we got all the details from the Skincare Expert and Acne Specialist we all know and love, Jessica Clarke Higgins, owner of Just Skin Den. Oh, and did we mention she just tied the knot a year ago, so if anyone can offer sound skin advice, it’s Jessica Clarke Higgins.


The Ideal Pre-wedding Treatment Timeline

Timing is key to everything, especially when it comes to wedding planning. So you want to make sure you are far enough out to avoid issues, but have no idea if the date you’ve picked is too far out? Well, Higgins suggests a trial run of the treatment you want four to six weeks ahead of your wedding day.

For more specific skin goals like pigmentation correction, acne, acne scars, etc. Higgins explains, “I would get on a routine and treatment plan about six to twelve months before the wedding (depending on your engagement timeline). It takes about three months for products to work and for more intense treatments, usually three sessions. With that in mind, three months would be the bare minimum to begin something new.”

And as far as her last words of wisdom regarding timing, Higgins notes, “don't change anything the month of your wedding. Stick with your routine and treatments to avoid any unexpected breakouts or reactions.”


At-home Skincare Products

Simplicity and ease are two words that come to mind when it comes to products and self-care routines. These are words Higgins likes too. “Your morning and evening routines should be cleanse, treat, protect.”


A gentle cleanser is a great starting place, “unless you get oily throughout the day, then go for something balancing. Oilier skin can also include a toner, but that's a bonus product,” Higgins tells us.


Treatment can focus on antioxidants. Higgins shared with us her favorite for dry, aging, red skin, which is iS Clinical Pro Heal+. She says, “If you have pigment issues, then try iS Clinical Brightening Complex. And if you have a Vitamin C serum you love, this is where you’d use that!”


Here sunscreen is key. Higgins recommends a minimum of at least 30 SPF. Her favorites are Clearstem YOUARESUNSHINE, iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50+ or Elta MD.


Professional Treatments

Estheticians and dermatologists offer a wide variety of treatments that can make deciding which you’re most interested in and/or most need quite intimidating and stressful, feelings no one needs during their wedding planning process. Of course, Higgins has advice on professional treatments for us to consider.


Estheticians are a great go-to for receiving dermaplane and geneo oxygenating facial treatments.


“I love this treatment for most skin types unless you have active acne. This procedure removes the top layer of your epidermis, taking your peach fuzz with it. This helps for products to be better absorbed resulting in a lasting glow,” says Higgins.

Geneo Oxygenating Facial

This is great for pre-events. She explains, “The [facial] machine generates the Bohr Effect, which sends a surge of oxygen to the skin’s surface and gives an incredible glow for about two weeks. I love to include a dermaplane in this treatment for my brides to prep their skin for a day-of makeup that will last.”


Like estheticians, dermatologists can offer microneedling, a procedure “best for anyone with scarring, fine lines, or pigmentation including melasma,” according to Higgins.


The Popularity of Deep Chemical Peels

Since deep chemical peels are all the rage these days, we couldn’t not ask Higgins about these, and true to her dedication to be all about the skin, she gave us some insight on these that might just surprise you.

“I will be completely honest — I don’t personally perform or necessarily endorse deep chemical peels. There is too much room for error on the patient side and the downtime is pretty extreme. I have found that microneedling gives similar results. I do perform very light chemical peels for acne clients. This will promote cellular turnover to help to clear out pores and helps to soften the skin so I can perform safe and effective extractions.” So it sounds like microneedling might just be the way to go, but what is it and what should you know about it?


Microneedling, AKA Collagen Induction Therapy

Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy uses a small tool, or a pen, that creates “microwounds in the skin, [meanwhile] new collagen is coming to the surface and filling in fine lines/scars, lightening pigmentation, and providing overall refreshed skin,” according to Higgins.

You might be wondering when this should be scheduled and whether you can get by with one session or will need more. Higgins explains, “Best results are seen in a series of three [sessions] done about four weeks a part, so doing this three months before your wedding is great! I would allow for 24 hours of complete downtime and expect about three days after that of slight redness. The last treatment should be done about a week out from the wedding.”


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