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Did Someone Say Airbrush Makeup for Your Wedding?

I feel like the techniques you use for your makeup grows with you. For instance, the techniques I used when I was a teenager were more beginner and far more cakey until I got a hold of what I was doing, which, of course, wasn’t until later. Still to this day I will *seriously* try my damndest to steer clear of using any technique that has a disclaimer “this may look cakey if applied wrong”. That was when I ran into airbrush makeup (literally, I ran into a friend who was wearing airbrush makeup and she looked fab!). Obvs I wondered why the heck more brides don’t consider airbrush makeup for their wedding day. Step aside traditional makeup because airbrush makeup is sorta winning this contest. It’s time to dive head first into airbrush makeup with Joie Blake, Owner and Professional Makeup Artist of Joie Blake Beauty. What is it (for those of you who don’t know), why is it so amazing, the cost, and one of the best airbrush makeup foundations?

Traditional Makeup vs Airbrush Makeup

Blake offers a well-thought out explanation that quite literally clears everything up. Forget what you think you know or the rumors you’ve heard from the gossip mill (the Internet), this is legit golden: “Traditional foundation is any cream, liquid, or stick foundation that you can buy at a beauty store, grocery store or drugstore. Most of us have used traditional foundation at some point in our lives. Airbrush foundation is a silicone based formula that is applied via a handheld motor. There are different kinds of airbrush machines and it just depends on the artist and their preference when it comes to which kind they like to use. The foundation comes out in a circular motion through the use of high pressurized air. This creates a beautiful and flawless application without the ‘cakiness’ that so many clients want to avoid on their wedding day.”

Airbrush makeup

Type of Foundation

Bottom line, it’s all in the formula (shoulda figured) and the foundation you choose really matters (no pressure). So, if we’re talking regular makeup, the foundations typically come in two forms: hydrating and matte, and while you’re trying to decide between hydrating and matte, you’re also going to be looking at things like ingredients (hello, clean cosmetics) to “help aid the health of skin” and whether or not it contains SPF (a serious +).

Blake tells us, “What makes airbrush makeup special is its silicone formula. Airbrush leaves a satin finish more than a true matte or true dewy finish. The formula is the reason that [you] can add layers and do spot concealing without creating cakey makeup. Airbrush foundation has a unique texture, I would describe as somewhere in between a serum and water. This lightweight characteristic is one of the main reasons why brides love airbrush, it feels so light!” That and “depending on who’s applying it, it will not get cakey and will not smear or run over your face. Proper airbrush application will always yield an even and flawless base!”

Wear Time

Long-lasting makeup options are key when it comes to your wedding day. You don’t have time for big touch-ups and certainly don’t want to be stepping away with your makeup artist for that when you have friends and family to hit the dance floor with and a partner to make memories with. That’s why it’s another win for airbrush makeup — it lasts much longer versus your traditional makeup.

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“Because of its lightweight and silicone formula, the molecules of the airbrush makeup adhere to each other really well, yielding a 16-hour wear result. Traditional makeup is great, however, most traditional foundations only have like 10-12 hours of wear (even if they’re advertising differently),” Blake explains.

Plus, you know the waterworks that you’re not going to be able to help on your wedding day, yeah, don’t worry about it. “Airbrush makeup is definitely cry-proof! Not sob-proof, but definitely cry-proof!”

Clogged Pores

As you’ve probably learned (the hard way if you’re like me), some (read: many) makeup formulas and foundations can clog your pores. So you’re probably thinking, what’s the deal, it sounds too good to be true, airbrush makeup must clog your pores! Not necessarily… According to Blake, “[It] will not clog your pores if your artist is experienced and applying it correctly.

“Every makeup service should come with a full skin prep tailored to your specific needs. If you are getting a thorough skin customized for you, and the artist is using a primer for your skin type and makeup goals, you should never suffer from clogged pores post airbrush makeup application.”

DIY Airbrush Makeup

Now comes the caveat, Blake recommends that you look to someone experienced to apply airbrush makeup (see above). She says, “[It’s] a specialty service that requires separate training and in-depth education. To truly specialize in airbrush, your artist needs to understand both the aesthetic and scientific components.

“It’s more than simply ordering the machine and foundation online and applying them. If your artist doesn’t understand how the formula of airbrush makeup works AND how that formula reacts to other formulas in other beauty products that they’ll be using on your face, you will not receive the highest quality result.” Yikes, wouldn’t want that! So unless you’re experienced in applying your own airbrush makeup, then maybe stick with getting a professional’s help.

However, if you’re determined to go-it-alone, then Blake says it is possible. “Anyone can order a machine and the foundations,” she says. Just remember her other advice….

First-time Airbrush Makeup Users

So you’re a virgin airbrush user, there’s no shame in that! In fact, it doesn’t matter if your first time will be your wedding day. Blake tells us she recommends airbrush makeup to all of her brides. “Even if the rest of their bridal party/ entourage opt in for traditional makeup, the bride should always do airbrush. Airbrush makeup is water and transfer resistant, so if you will cry or sweat (which most brides do!), you don’t have to worry your makeup running down your face or melting away. You can also feel confident that none of the airbrush makeup will transfer onto your dress or anyone you hug on the day-of!

“If I’m talking to a bride who is unsure or apprehensive about airbrush makeup, I always encourage her to try it during her preview, so she can really see how awesome and worth it airbrush is. Airbrush makeup also looks the best in photos, which is so important!”

Airbrush makeup for wedding

Airbrush Makeup on Your Wedding Day

Here’s some more food for thought: the season you’re getting married in doesn’t matter because airbrush makeup looks great in all seasons. Blake explains, “Airbrush lasts a really long time and that’s a benefit for a wedding all year round. [And it] definitely is a must in the summer, especially if your wedding will have any parts outside.”


Are you ready to admit airbrush makeup is just plain amazing?! Because seriously it is, minus the cost factor. Of course, you’re going to pay for that amazing-ness, which is why this luxury and speciality service costs more than traditional makeup application. Brides can expect to pay “anywhere between $185-$350 for wedding day application. This range is for [the DMV] area, these costs can change depending on where you live. Most beauty service providers charge in the $200-$250 range,” Blake says.

Product Recommendation

Blake tells us, “In my opinion, Temptu is the best airbrush foundation and I believe this because Temptu’s brand is geared towards professionals. The formula is designed to be used in the bridal and high-end makeup space and is created with makeup artists in mind. It delivers consistent results, lasts a long time, and they have an incredible range of shades so everyone can receive great results that make them feel confident.”

But there’s plenty more where that came from, especially on Amazon!  

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