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Avoiding the Dreaded Lip Stain and Unpacking Lip Primers

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Lip primers are an essential part of avoiding the dreaded lip stain, but there’s so much more you can do. Are you ready for this?

Prep Those Lips

Before you even think about applying any lip product, make sure to exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dry or flaky skin. Smooth lips make for a flawless canvas, and they reduce the chances of color settling into any uneven areas. Keep your pout hydrated by using a lip balm or a hydrating lip treatment regularly in the days leading up to your wedding.

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Vanilla Hydrating Lip Scrub

Embrace the Lip Primer

Picture this: a superhero cape, but for your lips. Applying a lip primer or a light layer of foundation or concealer before your liquid lipstick can create a barrier between your lips and the product. This little trick helps prevent staining and makes it easier to remove the lipstick later. Plus, it gives your lip color an extra boost!

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So it’s definitely worth adding to your makeup routine if you're aiming for long-lasting and flawless lip color. Hello, it can be a game-changer! But as with everything, there’s some pros and cons….

Pros of Applying a Lip Primer

Improved Lip Product Performance

Lip primers create a smooth and even base for your lip products to stick to. This helps them last longer and prevents feathering or bleeding. Plus, it makes the color pop, so it looks more true to its shade.

Smoother Application

Lip primers fill in those fine lines and wrinkles on your lips, giving you a super smooth canvas to work with. This is especially great when you're using matte or liquid lipsticks that tend to emphasize any imperfections. Say hello to a flawless finish!

Enhanced Color Payoff

Want your lip color to really stand out? Lip primers can intensify the color payoff of your chosen lip product. They create a blank canvas on your lips, so the true color shines through without any interference from your natural lip color.


Lip primers act as a barrier between your lips and the lip product, making it last longer. No more worrying about your color fading, smudging, or transferring throughout the day. Your lips will stay on point!

Cons of Applying a Lip Primer

Extra Step in Your Routine

Adding a lip primer means an extra step in your makeup routine. If you're all about keeping things minimal or saving time, this might not be your thing. But trust me, and the benefits can outweigh the extra time spent.

It’s Not Always Necessary

Lip primers may not be essential for everyone. If your lips are naturally smooth without excessive lines or dryness, or if you're using lip products that already have excellent longevity, you may not need a lip primer. Some makeup artists do a thin layer of face makeup or concealer to prime the lips, or they blot a lip pencil applied to the entire lip before applying lipstick.

So, my advice is to give lip primers a try before your big day or maybe for a long night out. Experiment with different lip primers and lip prep tips to see how they enhance the wear and appearance of your lip products. That way, you can decide if it's a step worth taking for you.

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Sugar Smoothing Lip Primer Advanced Therapy

Thin is In

When it's time to apply your liquid lipstick, start with thin layers and build up the color gradually. Let each layer dry before adding the next one. This technique ensures an even application and reduces the chances of excess product clinging to your lips, which can lead to staining. Remember, patience is key!

Line It Up

A lip liner is like the secret weapon in your bridal beauty arsenal. Choose a liner that matches your liquid lipstick shade and use it to outline your lips. This not only creates a defined lip shape but also prevents the color from bleeding or smudging. Bonus tip: Fill in your lips with the liner before applying your liquid lipstick to create an extra base layer and amp up the staying power.


Bid Farewell to Stains

And if you still find yourself dealing with a stubborn lip stain, fear not! You have a few tricks up your sleeve. Try using a gentle lip scrub or a damp cloth to lightly exfoliate your lips. Another option is to use a makeup remover specifically designed for long-wearing or waterproof products. Just apply it to a cotton pad and gently wipe away the stain.

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