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Time to Elevate the Floral Wedding Dress Trend with These Matching Accessories

The Spring 2025 Collections Have One Main Thing in Common — Floral Appliqués

It’s clear that the floral trend isn’t going anywhere, as we saw from the first New York Bridal Fashion Week event of the season — Justin Alexander Signature’s show. We first saw florals rise in popularity with the 3D feature. Last season designers began dabbling more with florals, designing styles that featured simpler, more delicate florals. Now, florals in any regard on dresses are trending. Remember those statement-making big bows everyone couldn’t seem to get enough of? Yep, that’s right, like that trend, for florals it’s all about the bigger the better, darling!

Although, not every designer is going with the big floral trend, some are looking to keep with the minimalist vibe and scatter them all over, or better yet place them on top of lace or silk designs.

Ines di Santo debuted her new collection yesterday afternoon, showcasing the “Romanticism Unveiled” spring 2025 collection, and with it a plethora of floral designs for brides to choose from. Roses are the most popular choice for floral designs on dresses, but Ines di Santo went in a different direction with some of her styles, selecting to incorporate the vines on flowers too.

From what we can tell, florals on wedding dresses are one of the most popular trends this season. Butttt every girl needs her accessories and with these floral styles, you’ll need beautiful, trending accessories to really up the ante. So I went shopping (I know, I couldn’t help myself)…. We matched each designer dress with accessory from Amazon. Though, lbr, with or without the wedding gown, I’ll be buying a couple of these accessories for myself. 🤭


Dress: Sareh Nouri, Enchantment
Accessory: Heels | $38


Dress: Justin Alexander Signature, Walcott
Accessory: Clutch | $24


Dress: Mira Zwillinger


Dress: Justin Alexander Signature, Keats


Dress: Sareh Nouri, Euphoria
Accessory: Headpiece | $15


Dress: Ines Di Santo
Accessory: Heels | $45-50


Dress: Justin Alexander Signature, Hughes


Dress: Sareh Nouri, Champagne Dreams


Dress: Ines Di Santo
Accessory: Handbag | $36


Dress: Ines di Santo
Accessory: Heels | $50


Dress: Justin Alexander Signature, Browning
Accessory: Belt/sash | $22


Dress: Sareh Nouri, Ready to Shine
Accessory: Hair Pins | $13


Dress: Monique Lhuillier, Wonderland
Accessory: Rose Necklace | $6


Dress: Monique Lhuillier, Elodie
Accessory: Belt/sash | $10

Photo credits: cover photo from Sareh Nouri | Mira Zwillinger dress from So Bridal Social | Justin Alexander Signature dresses from designer | Sareh Nouri dresses from designer | Ines di Santo from WWD | Monique Lhuillier from designer | product photos from Amazon

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