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This Dress Looks Like the Iconic Vivienne Westwood Wedding Dress from “Sex and the City” that Made a Bold Reappearance in “And Just Like That”

Soooo it’s been a hot minute (okay, more than a minute) since season 2 of the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That began streaming. Buttt, hello, I’ve been a tad busy ya know keeping up on the last fashion trends, styles, and happenings. Between that and seriously kicking summer’s a$$ (I’m a total beach of a girl 😉). Thus, I just recently sat down and watched season 2, and just like that (sorry, had to!) I was gushing over the OG Vivienne Westwood wedding dress that Carrie Bradshaw so famously wore in Sex and the City.

The accessories were way different, but the gown was the same — a total Bradshaw stunner. In Sex and the City, she paired it with a statement veil, champagne heels, and, of course, the bird on top of her head (no one’s forgetting that anytime soon… birdcage veil, genius btw). However, in And Just Like that, she went bigger and certainly bolder, pairing the gown with everything blue. So maybe it wasn’t a colored dress, which would’ve been totally on-trend, but she did include a blue hue off-the-shoulder cape, pointed-toe heels (Manolo Blahniks, duh) and silk gloves, all of which is also trending right now and for 2024.

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Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Dress

This fangirl moment had to 100% be documented, because everyone should enjoy the beauty and forget the story behind the first time Carrie Bradshaw wore the Vivienne Westwood dress (if you don’t know, it’s better that you don’t find out). Anddd if you just so happen to want to wear a lookalike dress and bring Carrie Bradshaw vibes to your wedding (who doesn’t?!), then I’ve done a little shopping for you. You can thank me later, darling, because this dress would be CB-approved. 💋

Monique Lhuillier’s / Issa

Monique Lhuillier 


Cover photo from Giphy; photo of illustration by @hnicholsillustration on Instagram

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