Anne Barge Lace Wedding Dress

Peter Langner, Ines di Santo, and Anne Barge are Among Several Designers Showcasing Lace Dresses this NYLBFW

First, let me just say that every 👏 single 👏 time 👏 I see lace on dresses, I think classy sure, but the way these luxury fashion designers are making the styles bolder, my mind goes to *sexy* (sorry not sorry!). Come on, you know that when you’re looking for a sexy new ‘fit your go-to style consists of lace bc it never goes out of style and always gives the right feels. So, naturally, when I saw the lace trend growing in popularity with each new spring 2025 collection these designers are debuting, I *had* to do some shopping on Amazon….for white lace lingerie.

That’s why you’re gonna want to bookmark this page for later when you can do some serious damage to your credit card and go shopping. Okay, well, maybe not that much damage bc these deals at Amazon are *really* quite good!

I say it’s time to debunk this idea that sexy white lingerie is only for the wedding night. Darlings, you can really never go wrong with purchasing new lingerie, especially when it’s lace and white. And if you’re getting married, then we’ve matched the lace dress with lace lingerie. 😉 You can thank us later!


Dress: Ines di Santo
Shop the Lingerie for $22


Dress: Justin Alexander Signature, Hughes
Shop the Lingerie for $22


Dress: Sareh Nouri, Suite Surrender
Shop the Lingerie for $20


Dress: Peter Langner, Naina
Shop the Lingerie for $18


Dress: Anne Barge, Sully
Shop the Lingerie for $19


Photo credit: cover photo from Anne Barge | Ines di Santo photo from WWD | other photos from designers | product photos from Amazon 

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