Attn: Galia Lahav’s Le Rêve Gala Collection Beckons You to Add Romantic Allure to Your Wedding

Attn: Galia Lahav’s Le Rêve Gala Collection Beckons You to Add Romantic Allure to Your Wedding

Galia Lahav did it again with the Le Rêve GALA Collection inspired by the dreamy charms of the Latin Quarter’s Place Saint Sulpice in Paris

LBR, when you walk down the aisle you want jaws. to. drop. The only way that’s going to happen is you treat your wedding like it’s the event of the season. Ahem, darling, the event of the season needs a dress that’s going to wow like no other, and I’m pretty sure Galia Lahav and their team of incredibly talented designers are here for the challenge.

You know how it’s been nearly a month since the Emmy’s and still everyone can’t stop talking about the highs and lows in fashion from that night? Well, that’s because it’s hands-down the *most* glamorous night in TV. Now imagine your wedding is the Emmy’s and knock your guests’ socks off. Walk down that aisle like it’s a runway and do it in a Galia Lahav from their new GALA Collection, Le Rêve.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Effortlessly ethereal, this A-line gown blossoms with an airy floral motif. The pointed corset top, enhanced by an inner bra feature, accentuates your form with elegance. A daring thigh-high slit adds a touch of allure to the ensemble, merging floral grace with contemporary allure.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Dreamy lace A-line gown with a fitted strapless corset and off-the- shoulder straps made of star-inspired floral lace.

For me, glam and Paris go hand-in-hand. I mean, seriously, it’s the allure of it all that captivates and the romance that has me never wanting to leave. Let Galia Lahav take you on a mesmerizing journey to the heart of the Latin Quarter, where the dreamy allure of Place Saint Sulpice inspired this young, trendy, and fresh line, bringing to life breathtaking wedding gowns that seem straight out of a Parisian fairytale. Immerse yourself in the romance of satin dresses that flow like whispers, capturing the essence of Paris’s poetic spirit.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Glamorous beaded halter-neck and low back mermaid gown made of shimmery beaded net with scattered ostrich feathers.

Discover the allure of a beaded jumpsuit that sparkles like stars in the midnight sky, offering a touch of whimsical brilliance to your special day.

Unveil the magic of detachable tops that transform your look with every heartbeat, as you celebrate the beauty of change and the elegance of versatility.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

This blush and ivory alluring beaded lace sheath gown is complimented by a loose structured silk tulle blouse with a high-neck, flared cuffs and a peplum bottom. Embellished with beaded lace accents and cinched at the waist with a satin buckled belt.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

This ivory and latte A-line corseted gown presents a mesmerizing tapestry of ethereal beauty. Delicate floral lace orchestrates the symphony of sheer cutouts, creating an alluring dance between skin and fabric.

In this ethereal collection, they celebrate the uniqueness of each bride, embracing the beauty of diversity with open arms. Like brushstrokes on a canvas, each gown paints a tale of individuality, where dreams know no boundaries, and love blossoms in its purest form. “Le Rêve,” whispers to the heart of every bride, inviting them to embrace their inner dreamer and wander in the realm of romance.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

This French ivory lace trumpet v-neck gown embodies delicate allure. With deep plunges at both front and back, it exudes sensual charm. Sheer lace long sleeves with flared cuffs, and a lace hem add a touch of timeless romance.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Sophisticated silk draped A-line gown in milky white and nude with delicate french-lace long sleeves with an off-the-shoulder neckline.

Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever, the dreamers behind this collection, weave a story of everlasting love and timeless beauty, where every gown is a masterpiece of artistry and passion. So, come and join them on this magical journey to “Le Rêve,” where dreams are woven into reality, and the beauty of love shines with the brilliance of a thousand stars.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Elegant and bold beaded mermaid gown with low-plunging back and adorned by strands of pearls trickling down the shoulders and framing the low back.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Subdued opulence graces defines this silk A-line gown. The squared neckline of the corset top exudes refined elegance, while daring side cutouts, adorned with delicate lacing, carve a unique path through the silhouette. The high-slit voluminous skirt dances with every step.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Charming lace adorns this ethereal mermaid gown, exuding playful sophistication. A plunging neckline is delicately framed by slender straps, while the multi-tiered gauzettes skirt cascades, revealing a daring thigh-high slit. The ensemble is complimented by voluminous tulle winged sleeves, creating symphony of textures and daring design.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

Romantic and whimsical a-line gown with a flattering off-the- shoulder sweetheart neckline and fitted sleeves. Enriched by embroidery and 3d floral appliques.


Galia Lahav Le Reve Gala Collection

A symphony of romance comes to life in this body-hugging trumpet corseted gown. Every curve is caressed in this silhouette, while the corset structure adds a touch of enchantment to the design.


Credits: Photographer: @philipgay | Model: @louisemmikkelsen | Videographer: @ori_porat22 | HMUA: @cyril.lanoir | Stylist: @abrahamgutierrez | Producer: @rosana_gonzalo

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