Wedding dress necklines

A Guide to Wedding Dress Necklines

Finding a wedding dress can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. I always say to start with baby steps, and that same advice applies to wedding dress shopping. There are a lot of decisions to be made when it comes to finding your gown. A few questions that come to mind include: What silhouette do you favor? Sleeves or no sleeves? How do you envision the back? And of course, what neckline do you want?

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For the day-to-day, that’s easy… we all have that favorite shirt we pull out for our go-to. For me, it’s a V-neck. Now for my wedding, though, a V-neck isn’t my first pick. While pretty, it just doesn’t have the same WOW factor I’m looking for, unless of course you go deep, plunging V with some illusion mesh, but that just isn’t my style... which is why a one-shoulder is my pick, almost always, unless there’s a rockin’ halter or sweetheart option.

The other thing to consider is the type of jewelry you’re looking to pair with your dress. Is there something meaningful you want to wear around your neck? Or perhaps earrings that you’ll be borrowing? While jewelry and accessories doesn’t always lead the decision when it comes to the dress, on occasion it *could* happen, so remembering the type of jewelry you want to wear helps. It would absolutely suck if you had a pearl necklace that’s been passed down to you, but you go for a higher neckline dress where it’ll be lost amid all the fabric.

So just consider me and the squad here your fairy godmothers as you look through the complete list of necklines available that we put together. I’m sure something will speak to you, and if it does then drop a comment with your favorite. ⬇️ I’d love to see if there’s another goddess out there who loves the one-shoulder neckline like I do. ;)



The straight neckline is one of the most recognizable. It has minimalist vibes as it cleanly goes straight across without any dramatics. Usually paired with a strapless dress, it provides some coverage while still accentuating the neck and collarbone.

 Wedding dress necklines

Allure Bridal


Square necklines are like they’d sound, pulling their cut from the simple shape. Designed to accentuate features and elongate the neck, it could be a lower neckline or higher square neckline for more coverage.

 Wedding dress necklines

Made with Love


The ultimate regale neckline and it’s made a comeback, lovies, with Meghan Markle’s wedding dress in 2018. It’s sophistication and sexiness all in one as it grazes the collarbones and usually is paired with long sleeves, but doesn’t have to be.

 Wedding dress necklines

Élysée Bridal


Scoop Neck

A scoop neck forms a U-shape and lengthens the neck, providing strap support. Again, it can be low or higher, depending on preference.

 Wedding dress necklines

Aire Barcelona



Commonly referred to as the bikini neck, a V-neck follows the sage of the letter “V” that can dip moderately or more daringly down the chest. Designed to give the illusion of a longer torso, it’s commonly paired with straps or sleeves to enhance the look.

 Wedding dress necklines

RK Bridal New York / Sincerity Bridal


Likely the most popular neckline you’ll see when dress shopping. Think heart shape, which is how we get sweetheart or the semi-sweetheart neckline. Either way, you’ll find this accentuates the décolletage.

 Wedding dress necklines

Chic Parisien / Inbal Dror

Off the Shoulder

The off-the-shoulder neckline drapes the fabric in a way that highlights the shoulders and arms. Closely related is the portrait style neckline that covers more of the arms and highlights the collarbones as it sweeps not over the arms but over the tips of the shoulders.

 Wedding dress necklines




The high neckline dress is the ultimate in coverage as it touches the neck, whether at its base or above.

 Wedding dress necklines

Brides by Lola Dre / Sarah Seven


A halter neckline is is a sexy and modern choice that leaves the shoulders exposed and can play into a variety of different back styles.

Wedding dress necklines 

Savannah Miller



The one-shoulder neckline is an asymmetrical cut that gives off Greek goddess vibes. It’s unique and bold, exposing the chest and highlighting the face.

 Wedding dress necklines

Karen Willis Holmes

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