Galia Lahav Amor Collection

A Glimpse into Galia Lahav’s Bold and Fiery Amor Collection Inspired by the Spanish Opera “Carmen”

Runway Update: Wednesday Galia Lahav showed at NYBFW and unveiled their latest collections for Spring 2024 and today we’ve got both just for you. First — AMOR, a bold and untamed bridal collection inspired by the iconic opera Carmen, which tells the story of a passionate love affair between a soldier and the fiery and independent Carmen. Likewise Galia Lahav’s collection embodies the raw intensity of love and encourages brides to express their hearts’ desires without conforming to traditional norms. To say the very least — we are all about it and know you will be too! And to give you a little sampling of GL’s latest delights, we’ve put together our picks from AMOR for you to devour.

You’ll notice striking floral details and unique romantic silhouettes, along with exquisite details. It’s all the culmination of talent, craftsmanship, and, of course, intricate French lace embroidery, luxurious silk, satins and tulles, and stunning embellishments (such as Swarovski crystals and delicate hand-beading). Lovies, this is Galia Lahav’s haute couture in all its glory, so enjoy! 


Galia Lahav Amor Collection Spring 2024


Galia Lahav Amor Collection Spring 2024


Galia Lahav Amor Collection Spring 2024


Galia Lahav Amor Collection Spring 2024

P.S. Want to know more about GL’s second Spring 2024 Bridal Collection? Check back this afternoon for another post.


Credits: Photos courtesy of Galia Lahav by @chescolopez | Stylist & Creative Director: @abrahamgutierrez | Model: @dalianaharekion & @chane_husselmann | Hair: @crisantoblanco | Makeup: @pablorobledo_co | Producer: @rosana_gonzalo

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