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A Comprehensive Guide to Engagement Ring Shapes and Cuts

It all starts with the engagement, one of the first true declarations of love. And for most couples it starts with an engagement ring (unless you're one of those that wants to shop for it together. . .we get you, it's the ultimate shopping trip, after all ! ). Anyway, today we're breaking down the types of engagement ring cuts. What we love about this topic of stone cuts is that while diamonds are the traditional stone for engagement rings, these cuts can apply to any variety of stone these days, especially colored gemstones. So scroll through and if you find a cut you like, and think a ring might be in your future, then you can drop a little hint to your S.O. ;) And remember that the cut can have an influence on the shape, but also the stone's light performance.


Asscher Cut

Like the emerald cut, it has cut corners, but is square-ish in shape with an octagonal nature due to it's eight-sided cut. Rectangular-cut facets make this stone special. It symbolizes rebirth and resurrection.


Round Cut

This is the classic circular stone. These stones can be labeled "brilliant" as they portray the natural contours of rough diamond crystals. And besides being the most traditional, this cut is meaningful, too -- it is said to represent eternal love.

Round Cut Engagement Ring


Cushion Cut

An antique style square stone with rounded corners and large facets for more brilliance. This cut is said to have more fire, or rainbow-hued flashes of light, than any of the other cuts.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring


Emerald Cut

A rectangular stone with cut corners. Here the facets are larger and run parallel to each other. It symbolizes an open heart due to the openness of its cuts.

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring



Be still our beating heart, this stone is the ultimate in uniqueness for it's traditional symbol of love shape -- two rounded lobes with a cleft separation.

Heart Shaped Engagement Ring


Marquise Cut

This symmetrical, elongated, and elliptical stone has pointed edges that's fit for nobility.


Oval Cut

Another symmetrical and elongated stone that gives the hand the illusion of length. It also offers several meanings, from fertility to prosperity in marriage and individuality to a respect for tradition.

Oval Shaped Engagement Ring


Pear Cut

A teardrop-reminiscent shape that is a cross between the marquise and oval cuts, cut to reflect light. This is another cut with more than one meaning: tears of joy, empowerment, and individuality to name a few.

Pear Shaped Engagement Ring


Princess Cut

The traditional square stone with pointed, cut corners was designed from the inverted pyramid of rough diamonds. More so, all those edges make the cut symbolize an edgy, modern wearer with personality.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring


Radiant Cut

Square or rectangular in shape, this cut combines the step cuts of an emerald cut for many facets and the brilliance of a round stone.

Radiant Cut Engagement Ring


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Cover photo courtesy of Vanessa Joy Photography; ring photos by Jared’s Pnina Tornai Collection 

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