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These Shoes are Made for Talkin’: Shoes and Personality, an Analysis

We’re using psychology to break down your personality based on those fashion choices you make for your feet.

I was a psych major in college for a hot minute, so I’m going to be putting those tough courses and exam studying to good use and give you the 411 on shoe psychology, ‘cause, yes, it’s a thing. Shoes, like many other fashion choices are a strong give away into who someone is. The first thing you see, sure, is a person’s face, but when your eyes keep scanning (because we all know they do !) they’re going to take you straight down to their shoes. Ever dated a man who wears old, ragged sneakers and cringed because you can *only* imagine his other dirty little secrets? Or how about the man that you know cleans the bottom of his shoes after ever single outing because they’re spotless and shining. Shoe-shining, it’s still a thing, right? Needless to say, your choice of shoe can say a lot about your personality, and it’s quite interesting actually. If you’re into that sort of thing, which you know you are, because who isn’t?! So let’s break it down…

A Shoe for Every ‘Fit vs Wearing the Same Pair Until They Walk Away (on Their Own)

The starting point for every good conversation about shoes: Are you a show fanatic or do you believe in wearing your shoes ‘til they’re good and done? This question is a good one and the dichotomy interesting… It can be convenience because that person just wants to wear the same shoe every day and not have to worry about variety. Hey, if the pair of pumps are black and they happen to go with all of your outfits, I’ve definitely had besties that have worn them until they either broke or were worn out. Then it was off to the next shoe that they seriously got their bang for their buck out of. On the other hand, some people need variety, they crave it. Are you that girl who needs to have a different breakfast every morning because the thought of the same bowl of oatmeal makes you sick? Yes, well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you have a shoe closet you’re more “fashiony” it just means that you’re more aware of the fashion choices you’re making and choose to have your shoes make a statement that you’re fashion-forward, love dressing up, and desire variety. Walk into the office every day with a different pair of shoes, and I bet all your co-workers will swoon over your shoes every single day. They’ll never bore of you or your fashion selection. Some might even envy you, wishing they, too, had the choices you have. But they don’t know what you know, you’ll actually bore yourself if you don’t have a shoe closet. Ahem, I feel ya!

Personality Traits + Shoe Choices

Your shoe choices reveal something about your personality, so what do they mean exactly?

Closed-toe vs Open-toe

There’s really no personality traits that can be revealed from this. Some might say those willing to wear an open-toe shoe are more “risqué” especially as a female, because they’re typically frowned upon at the workplace due to their seductive or casual manner (it depends on the boss, the situation, and the attitude of the person saying the statement). Generally speaking, closed-toe shoes are more introverted and comfortable. They’re the choice you select when you don’t want to cause a scene or make a fuss, you merely want to go about your day and do what you have to do. On the other hand, some people may just be hot in closed-toe shoes and prefer to let those baddies get some air.

Flat vs High Heel

If you prefer flats over heels, then you’re an introvert. You’re likely not interested in making a fuss about yourself. You don’t need credit or want it, and you’d much rather be behind-the-scenes. Likewise, you’re humble and don’t need praise if you’ve done a job well done.

If you prefer high heels over flats, then you’re more extroverted. You have a drive, confidence, and determination about you that is unmatched. Ain’t nobody going to tell you what you should be doing. You’re going to play to the beat of your own drum and that’s okay! You’re always open to new ideas (in fact you love them) and love the opportunities that come along with your open attitude. Go get ‘em!

Rounded-toe vs Pointed-toe

Those who prefer a rounded-toe are typically much more friendly and ready to listen to what you have to say and implement it. They’ll change their ways and adapt. You’re not looking to be overpowering or demand attention, like a pointed-toe shoe wearer might be, you’re much more looking for some waves and smiling faces as they pass you by.

Those who wear a pointed-toe heel are less likely to go with the flow. Nine times out of ten, it’s their way or the highway. They’re listen to your ideas and commentary, but don’t bet on them actually doing anything with your advice. It won’t fall on deaf ears, but they won’t act on it either.

Now, for the Brides…

Who Want Their Shoes to Stand Out

Hello, headliner! You’re the bride who wants everyone in the world to know you’re getting married and it’s your big day! It’s about the shoes standing out, but it’s also about every single thing standing out. Everything needs to be just so and make a statement. Nothing should be left to chance and it all needs to be on-trend. It’s one day, sure, but you’re going to do it right and to the nines because you’re not planning on having another wedding day.

Who Think Shoes are Just Pretty Accessories

You’re not focused on being trendy or fashion-forward. You don’t sweat the small stuff! You’d elope if you could (or if your parents weren’t begging to see their little girl get married). You’d be happy with a simple ceremony with a few friends and family. As long as you have your SO you don’t need anything else. You’d wed your partner wearing a burlap sack if you had to, anything to promise yourselves to each other forever. But if the shoes were pretty it wouldn’t hurt, right?

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