Fashion Stylists Deserve an Award, Here’s Why

Fashion Stylists Deserve an Award, Here’s Why

It’s about tiiiime we acknowledge that there is a heck of a lot more that goes into your wedding look than meets the eye. I mean, come on, it takes way too long to get ready for work in the morning, trying to pair everything together just so and make sure you look your best…well, darling, imagine doing that for one of the most important days of your life. Yes, we’re talking about your wedding day.

Now hear me out on this one: it’s not *only* about the dress. What?! I know, I can hardly believe I said it, but I said what I said. Although, to create the perfect look (and you want it to be perfect, don’t you?!) it has to be about *everything* — the hair, makeup, accessories, and shoes. So enter fashion stylists, a vendor category that is growing in popularity and becoming one of the most sought-after vendors when planning a wedding.

That’s why we got with stylist and fashion influencer Jenni from Tarasova for the skinny on all things fashion stylists and your wedding (read: wedding day, wedding weekend, pre-wedding events, and everything in between). But first let’s dish on what a fashion stylist is and how they’re not just for celebs (ahem, we like to look good, too, ya know?!).

Jenni tells us, “As a fashion and personal stylist, my role extends far beyond just dressing clients. I specialize in trend analysis, outfit coordination, and overall image enhancement. My services, however, are not limited to just these aspects. I also excel in personal shopping and extensive wardrobe alterations, providing a holistic approach to meet each client’s unique needs. Additionally, my expertise extends to assisting brides, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.”

It’s your day, so personalized is really the only way to go IMO. However, sometimes it’s hard to explain what it is you want, so how can you share your desires with your stylist? Jenni explains, “Clients frequently share their desired image, whether inspired by Anne Hathaway or a specific movie character. My expertise lies in translating these inspirations into a personalized and achievable style. I work closely with clients to replicate the essence of their vision, ensuring a tailored and authentic representation that aligns seamlessly with their individual preferences and lifestyle.”

Inspiration comes from everywhere; for instance, you might be vibing with Anne Hathaway’s makeup, but love Zendaya’s fashion sense, and then there’s Sabrina Carpenter’s hair. That’s where your stylist comes in, making sure that they piece together everything it is you love and are looking for to make one cohesive look that will have jaws dropping when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. “My commitment is to translate their vision into reality by sourcing and curating elements that align perfectly with their preferences, down to the finest details,” Jenni says.

Not to mention, fashion stylists know the trends and microtrends, so they can point you in the right direction if you’re searching for a trendy look for your wedding. Take 2024, for example where she tells us 50s classic string pearls are back as well as A-line skirts, 80s power shoulders, 90s semi-transparent fabrics, knee-length skirts, and 2000s low waist, banana strapless tops, and bootcut jeans courtesy of Gilmore Girls; then there’s minimalistic ballerina and gen x soft club and so much more!

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Photo courtesy of Tarasova, by Yana Korn
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