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Everything You Should Know About Getting Ready Rooms

Getting wedding-ready can be quite the experience. Between managing nerves and excitement, there’s plenty to do, whether for you or your squad. Where you get ready though can make all the difference, which is why we got with Kelsey Caurro, Owner of Hitched Suites for all the details on getting ready in bridal suites, which she tells us definitely gives you an advantage over getting ready at home.

“The bridal suite is usually located in or near your venue, this can save you time on travel, preventing anyone from being late, it provides somewhere for you and your bridal party to hang out between the ceremony and reception. Also, [it] allows you to keep your belongings close if you were to need something during the reception or have a wardrobe change!”

Besides, it can be a fun experience to use a space away from home. Just imagine all the decor, food and drinks that you can bring in to fill the space with, making the day’s festivities start early. Caurro even suggests making a Snapchat filter to use when taking pictures and a playlist of the bride’s favorite music! Add in family and friends and you’ve definitely got yourself a pre-party. Indeed, Caurro notes, “I see most often is the mothers of the bride or groom getting ready with the bridal party. Sometimes grandmas or aunts will pay a visit.”

The key to success when using a bridal suite or get ready room away from home is timing and scheduling. Caurro reminds us that it’s all about the number of people in your squad that need hair and makeup. “But most often I recommend at least eight hours. It gives you plenty of time to get ready and relax with your families and friends. I commonly see couples underestimating how much time they need to get ready. Allowing yourself extra time will make for a stress free day! Also, your hair and makeup team [should] guide [you] on how much time they need to get everyone ready.”


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