Choosing Your Wedding Scent with ScentCrafters

Choosing Your Wedding Scent with ScentCrafters

Scent memories are powerful, they evoke emotions and can transport you back in time unlike any other sensory experience. So for an occasion like a wedding it’s important that you find just the right fragrance. It is a special day, after all, you don’t want to smell just like you do every other day. And with so many options out there it’s easy to get confused or overwhelmed when deciding which is right for your wedding day. Luckily we partnered with ScentCrafters, a sister-run company dedicated to customizing fragrances for everything you need to know when it comes to choosing your wedding day scent. Taylor, Co-Founder of ScentCrafters, also offered some recommendations you might be interested in for specific goals.

Let’s start with how far out you should start considering (or choosing) your fragrance, because when it comes to weddings we all know it’s all about the timeline. Taylor recommends couples should start considering their options about two months out from the wedding day to ensure they have their perfect day-of fragrance well in advance of the big day. This is especially true if you decide you want a custom fragrance like one from ScentCrafters! “We have worked with couples in a shorter time frame, but the more wiggle room means less stress and we all know the approaching day is stressful enough,” she explains.

So what’s the first step? Taylor suggests you start with samples to figure out your fragrance palette. Ask yourself what few fragrances you currently like, then you need to figure out what you want to smell like on your wedding day. This applies whether or not you’re customizing your own, but if you are customizing your own, then you’ll have the assistance of their scent expert throughout these first steps.

Something to keep in mind is the intended overall feel of the wedding. Taylor notes, “Often, a wedding is planned around how the couple hopes to feel on the big day. So, it only makes sense that their scents match that vision. For example, a couple who gets married on a beach has a very different vision than a couple who gets married in a city ballroom. One might go for a light floral fragrance with a hint of tropical fruit where the other might want something that falls more in line with a floral musk fragrance.

“We recommend that the couple selects a fragrance that makes them feel like themselves, something that feels like their personality, but also keeps in mind what they would like to feel like on their special day. A scent can bring back a lot of memories, so it’s important that couples pick fragrances that they will want to smell for years to come to bring back the happy thoughts of the day.” (Scent memories… Told ya !)

So if you’re someone who loves bold and trendy, then Taylor says you should go for it, and we agree. “But, a scent is something intimate that truly is just for the individual. It's one of the few things on your wedding day that no one is looking at or having an opinion on, you should select whatever you think feels right for you.” And if you need a second opinion on the fragrance, you can never go wrong with asking your S.O.

Once you select your fragrance and you approach your wedding day, you may be wondering if there’s anything else you should know (esp. when it comes to your wedding dress), so Taylor has offered some tips on wearing it best.

No. 1 Spray your fragrance on your neck and wrist. “If you’re particularly worried about personal odor, we recommend spraying the fragrance in the problem areas prior to putting your attire on. It’s not often that a fragrance will stain clothes, but it is an oil, so there is always a risk. Your wedding day is not a day for risk-taking.”
No. 2 “If you’re set on spraying the fragrance directly on your attire, but are concerned about the length it will linger, you may also choose to do a test spot on other fabric to test the longevity of the fragrance; all fragrances are different. If that test spot passes your deadline, you might then test it on the underside of the fabric to ensure it last the correct length of time for you prior to spraying it the day of.”
No. 3 “Some fragrances are going to have a slower evaporation rate than others, making them last longer. The fragrances that typically last the longest are called base notes. These are fragrances that evaporate off from the skin the slowest. A few common base fragrances are: vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber. A fresh spritz is always a good option for freshening up in-between events and during dancing. Having a travel size of your fragrance makes any reapplication doable just about anywhere. We suggest having a trusty bridesmaid hold onto your travel size so if you ever feel ready for a quick spritz, you have easy access.”

And a special word to those who may get headaches from fragrances on occasion — your selection truly depends on what specific scent is giving you the headache. Taylor notes, “If a bride can narrow this down, the process offers more options. If you do not know what fragrance is triggering the headache, we suggest starting with a fragrance that does not have a specifically strong scent throw. Meaning you would still smell the fragrance, as well as your partner, but the scent would be less overpowering. We recommend that anyone is experiencing headaches from their fragrance add extra time to their fragrance purchasing timeline to make sure that the fragrance they select will not give them any discomfort on their special day, and there is extra time to adjust if any tweaks are needed.”

Now, on to the fun part — the recommendations! Here’s our roundup with Taylor regarding some specific suggestions:

Seasonal Weddings

“Typically different fragrances are more popular at different times of the year, so this may influence the decision of the couple. If a bride is looking to follow seasonal trends they can research what is popular for the upcoming season. A rule of thumb is that citrus or ocean notes trend in the summer months and as it gets colder heavier spiced or woodsy fragrances typically trend upward.”

Garden Weddings

“A fragrance that has a good balance of freshness and floral would be a good fit for a garden wedding. There are many different options for fresh and floral that would fit any couples vision. Not fighting the freshness from the garden is key here.”

Beach Weddings

“Beach weddings offer a variety of options for the couple. With the fresh scent of the ocean and flowers in the air the scene is already set up with a great base. A couple may choose to stay on trend with the marine fragrance balanced with a light floral, they may choose to go with a stronger floral to feel more elegant or they may choose to select a fruity fragrance than reminds them of their tropical setting.”

Basing a Scent on Vacation Memories

“To evoke memories from a specific trip we would ask the bride to describe where they were in those countries and what core memories they have there. To evoke a memory from their villa in Tuscany that had luscious rose gardens and was surrounded by vineyards would be a different fragrance than the seaside scents of Amalfi. The true way to capture a moment in a scent is to nail down what smells you associate with that core memory.”

Lavender is at the heart of this magazine issue, so what scents pair nicely with lavender?

Lavender is a wonderful, calming scent that can be paired nicely with many fragrances. Some that are common are a vanilla-lavender combination, or a lemon-lavender combination. Our scent expert recommends the combination of leather, bergamot and lavender to try something new.

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