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An In-depth Look at the Expected 2024 Floral Trends

With wedding planning underway for many 2024 weddings, there’s definitely a few trends we can say with confidence we’re going to see, but chief among them are some different approaches to florals then we’ve seen in the past. Namely, more sustainable choices, which could result in more floral rentals or biodegradable floral arrangements. The Co-Founders of Something Borrowed Blooms, Lauren Bercier and Laken Swan are dishing on that and more, telling us that other expected trends include unique color palettes of bold color combinations, monochromatic bouquets to  “create a sophisticated and cohesive look,” and an emphasis on texture, “such as soft petals, feathery foliage, and intricate blooms [to] add depth and visual interest to arrangements.”

These trends are expected to bring attention to wildflowers, blossom branches and flowers with striking colors, like pink, purples, and blues, Bercier and Swan tell us. “A bold color design trend is color blocking. This is accomplished by designing floral arrangements that have like-colored florals grouped together, juxtaposed with a grouping of lighter or contrasting colored florals.”

And in many of the same ways that striking colors will be trending, so will statement pieces, in keeping with the idea of bold floral choices. The duo explains, “We live in a highly visual society driven by social media, so the desire to make a statement is always prevalent, especially on the wedding day. Statement pieces are anything that stands out as being unique or different from the norm. This can include anything from personal flowers to table installs or photo ops.” This is very connected to the idea of high-impact florals which have been gaining popularity — they are “focal point arrangements or installs that demand attention. This is often used in key areas, like the ceremony backdrop, reception head table, and/or photo opp area.”

The beauty of these high-impact, striking florals and installations is that they can be structures that are like sculptural art. “They are multidimensional and can be any shape. Sometimes they have use, like an archway at a ceremony, and others serve simply as a beautiful visual for guests to marvel over,” Bercier and Swan note.

And your options don’t just end there… “You can create a statement in so many different ways, [especially with centerpieces]. A simple yet impactful statement is by using a ton of tiny bud vases to line the tables and adding floral clippings to them. You can choose to go with one color or variety for a chic look or go for more wildflower with varying colors and flower choices. Another way to really amp up the centerpiece game is by elevating them on the guest tables. It creates a lot of interest when there are varying heights in the reception area. You can show off a grand centerpiece by setting it on top of a 3-foot stand for a very luxe look.”


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