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We’re Celebrating National Lipstick Day Early with Everything You Need to Know About the Different Lip Products and WTF are Lip Toppers

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Lovies, choosing the perfect lip for your big day can be tough. But don't worry, because we've got your back! With National Lipstick Day tomorrow, all weekend long we’re giving your lips some major lovin’. (What, lips need a little TLC, too!) It’s everything you need to know for your lips — tips to help you decide on the perfect lip, color and texture, plus a few other bits of wisdom we think you’ll love. No need to thank us. *kisses*

Let’s start with a look at all the lip products options you have — what are they, when are they used, and what the heck is the difference?

Lipstick vs Liquid Matte vs Lip Gloss

Let's talk about the fabulous world of lip products and how they can make your wedding day even more special. We've got three main contenders: lipstick, liquid matte, and gloss. So, what's the difference, and how do you choose the right one for you?

First up, we have lipstick. It's a classic choice that comes in various formulas like cream, satin, matte, and sheer. You can find it in bullet or stick form, and it offers color, hydration, and other awesome benefits. The best part? You can choose from a wide range of shades and finishes to match your style. If you're into a traditional look with a satin or creamy finish, lipstick is the way to go. Plus, it keeps your lips comfortable and moisturized throughout the day.

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Bridal Beauty Kits Satin Matte Lipstick

Next, let's talk about liquid matte lipstick, the cool kid on the block. These bad boys have become super popular lately. They come in liquid form with a lightweight texture that dries down to a matte finish. The pigmentation is intense, and the wear is long-lasting. So, if you want a lip color that won't budge and doesn't require frequent touch-ups, liquid matte is your best friend. Just remember to prep your lips beforehand by exfoliating and moisturizing, as these lipsticks can highlight dryness or fine lines.

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Shimmer and Matte Longwear Lipcolor

Last, but not least, we have gloss. Picture a shiny, wet-looking finish that adds shine and moisture to your lips. Lip gloss comes in liquid form and can be applied alone or layered over other lip products. It's fantastic for creating a youthful and fresh appearance. If you prefer a more natural or subtle lip color, gloss is your go-to. But keep in mind that glosses might need more reapplication than lipsticks or liquid matte lipsticks. Oh, but your partner might not appreciate it on his or her face, so go for a clear or lighter-colored shade since glossy lips can be transferable during smooches.

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Luxury Lipgloss

So, there you have it! Lipstick, liquid matte, and gloss all have their unique charms. Choose the one that matches your style and the look you want for your big day. Whether you go for a classic satin lipstick, a bold liquid matte, or a glossy, radiant finish, your lips will be ready to steal the show!


Meet the New Name in Town: Lip Toppers

Let's dive deeper into the magical workings of lip toppers and why they won't disturb your beloved lipstick.

Lip toppers are formulated with lightweight, non-sticky textures that glide smoothly over your lipstick without causing any disruption. They typically contain fine shimmer particles, iridescent pigments, or multidimensional glitter that catch the light and create a mesmerizing effect on your lips.

When you apply a lip topper over your lipstick, it acts like a transparent veil of shimmer and shine. It doesn't break down or dissolve your lipstick because it doesn't contain any heavy oils or emollients that could potentially alter the formula. Instead, lip toppers are designed to be lightweight and compatible with various lip products, ensuring that your lipstick stays intact.

The key to achieving a transfer resistant lip with lip toppers is to apply them gently and evenly. You can use the wand applicator or your finger to dab the product onto the center of your lips, ensuring you don't rub or smudge the underlying lipstick. The lip topper adheres to the surface of your lipstick, creating a dazzling, multidimensional finish without affecting its color or texture.

By adding a lip topper, you're essentially layering a touch of sparkle and dimension over your lipstick, amplifying its visual impact. Whether you prefer a subtle shimmer or an intense holographic effect, lip toppers allow you to customize and elevate your lip game to match your mood and style.

So, next time you're looking to transform your everyday lipstick into a wedding-ready masterpiece, reach for a lip topper and let it work its magic. Your lips will be the talk of the town, and your lipstick will remain flawless. It's the ultimate new win-win for all the lip gloss lovers out there! 💄✨

Lastly, it's crucial to do a trial-run with your chosen lip product. This way, you can ensure you're comfortable with how it applies, how it wears, and how it looks on your lips. It's your big day, after all, and you want your lip choice to be kiss-proof and long-lasting, just like your love!

Jouer Lip Toppers

Jouer Lip Toppers

The Truth About Lip Balms

You might be wondering if you should put lip balm on before any lip choice and what the benefits are of that…. Well, let me spill the beans and share all the amazing benefits with you.

First and foremost, hydration is key! Lip balm works wonders in moisturizing your lips, keeping them soft, supple, and well-hydrated. Dry or chapped lips? Not on your big day! Lip balm creates a smooth base for your lip product, making sure it doesn't cling to any dry patches. Kiss those worries goodbye!

But wait, there's more! Applying lip balm beforehand also makes the application process a breeze. It creates a smooth surface on your lips, making it easier to apply color evenly and achieve that flawless finish you're dreaming of. Think of lip balm as your secret primer, filling in any fine lines or cracks and creating an even canvas for your chosen lip product.

Now, let's talk comfort. We all know some lip products can be a bit...well, drying. But fear not! Lip balm adds an extra layer of comfort and protection to your lips, especially when wearing long-lasting or matte lip products. No more discomfort or tightness! Your lips will thank you for the extra TLC.

Here’s the real game-changer: Longer wear. When your lips are well-hydrated and moisturized, lip products tend to stick around for longer. Lip balm can enhance the staying power of your chosen lip product, preventing it from fading or wearing off too quickly. Say hello to a stunning pout that lasts all day and night!

But it's not just about your wedding day. Using lip balm regularly helps keep your lips in tip-top shape. It provides essential moisture and nourishment, reducing the likelihood of dryness or cracking. By incorporating lip balm into your daily routine, you'll have lips that are ready for any lip product you throw their way.

In short, lip balm is your friend!

So, how do you make the most of lip balm's superpowers? Easy peasy! Apply it before starting your makeup routine, giving it a few minutes to absorb into your lips. This way, it can work its magic before you apply your chosen lip product. Then be sure to lightly blot any excess lip balm with a tissue before applying lipcolor.

Remember, choose a lip balm that suits your preferences and addresses your specific lip concerns. Look for hydrating formulas that contain nourishing ingredients. One crowd-favorite you can find at Sephora and Amazon is the Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask.

Or, try our super seller for much less at Bridal Beauty Kits: Perfectly Pink Pillow Lips which also contains a bonus ingredient — calming and healing CBD extract.  

Using lip balm as a prep step can significantly improve your lips' overall look and feel and contribute to a more comfortable and beautiful bridal lip look.

Ready to rock that smooch-proof pout? Head over to our bridal looks at to check out all the options for the perfect pout. Trust me. You'll fall head over heels!





P.S. Want more? Of course you do! Good thing there’s plenty more where that came from All. Weekend. Long. so be sure to check back!


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