Tips for Creating a Long-Lasting Lip and Avoiding the “Kiss Off”

Contributing Writer: Alayne Curtiss


So you don’t want to kiss off your lip, I get it and I've got you covered! Let's dive into some amazing options that'll keep your pout picture-perfect all day long.

First up, we have matte liquid lipsticks. These bad boys are known for their staying power and minimal transfer. Once they dry down, they stay put for hours, even through munching, sipping, and smooching. Look out for formulas that shout "long-lasting" and "transfer-resistant" to lock in that fabulous color.

Next on our list is lip stain. These gems are all about long-lasting color that clings to your lips. With their lightweight, watery texture, they dry down to a stain, giving you a natural or muted lip look that won't smudge easily. So go ahead, plant that passionate wedding kiss without worrying about leaving any marks on your sweetheart.

If you prefer a soft and effortless vibe, lip tints are your go-to option. These lovelies offer a sheer and lightweight wash of color that stains your lips beautifully. They have a more subtle finish, perfect for brides who want to rock a low-key, ethereal look. Plus, they can handle a bit of kissing action without any major transfer mishaps.

For the ultimate in transfer resistance, check out specific lipsticks designed to keep color in place. These babies have a more matte or semi-matte finish, and their long-wearing formula ensures they stay right where you put them. No more worrying about leaving lipstick traces on cups, clothes, or your partner's lips.

Now, let's talk about gloss, lovies. While it adds shine and comfort, if you want the longest-lasting lip color, it's best to skip the gloss. But don't worry, I've got a solution for you! At, we've created a fabulous long-wearing lipstick with a touch of shimmer built right into the formula. You'll get that coveted long wearability plus a hint of shimmer, all without needing lip gloss. How amazing is that?

Bridal Beauty Kits

Rosegold and Romantic Shimmer and Matte Longwear Lipcolor

When choosing your long-lasting lip product, remember to consider factors like comfort, hydration, and the finish you desire. Some long-wearing formulas can be a tad drying, so prep your lips with a good exfoliator and hydrating lip balm before application. And don't forget add a lip pencil and to lightly blot with a single ply tissue for extra staying power.




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