These are the Nails You Need in 2024, Trust

These are the Nails You Need in 2024, Trust

Getting my nails done weekly is a necessity. If I don’t have my nails polished, then it’s a game-changer and the week is automatically off to a bad start. It doesn’t matter what color or design I go with, sometimes I don’t even have any requests and it’s a “whatever you want” type of situation. But they have to be done. It’s the ultimate relaxation time for me and I’ve found there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little pampering. Do I always go and get them done? No, who can manage that type of commitment? Certainly not me. Sometimes I do them myself at home with a candle lit, the windows open, and music playing, and that’s okay, but they still get done.

Now, when I have an event to attend for a friend, family member, or even myself, then we’re really talking. I have to know what’s in and what’s out and they have to look fabulous! Esp when it’s a wedding event because you KNOW there are going to be lots of photos taken, documenting every stylish (and those not so stylish) decisions we make. So I got with Nailtique Salon & Spa for the juicy deets on what to expect for 2024 and, trust me, the beauty world is so ready for these new trends.

They say that with the new year there was a surge in the minimalist trend of negative spaces and 3D texture, which they predict will continue to be a trend. Truth: I can see this, because in 2023 minimalism was having its moment. We saw it in fashion and especially jewelry, but the idea of it on nails is just too great! This minimalist trend lends itself to short nails with a clean, natural nail look, according to Nailtique, leaning into the more popular neutrals, nudes and light pink shades.

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Pink nails

That’s not to say that bold and bright is out because it. is. not. In fact, they’ve also noted they’ve been observing a preference for bold and vibrant colors, like blue, and more daring selections including metallics, chromes and holographic finishes.

Metallic nails

Now, hold up a second and let’s talk blue: blue is so hot right now. It’s literally everywhere and last year at NY Bridal Fashion Week (mainly fall NYLBFW), we saw a love affair with the color blue. Yes, there were even blue wedding dresses. Don’t believe me, here was one of my favorites and it was from Ines di Santo.

Ines di Santo blue wedding dress

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Other trends, according to Nailtique: nail art (esp with minimalistic designs), micro French, and bows and pearls taking the spotlight. This again is consistent with what we’re seeing in fashion: bows and pearls. These are two elements that are everywhere. And if you just can’t get enough of the timeless stone, there’s so many ways you can incorporate pearls into your look. “Longer nails, particularly in almond and coffin shapes [ok, there needs to be a better name for those, am I right?!], remain stylish.”

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Long nails

But ofc, if you’re like me when it relates to an event, then the ante has to get upped, so Nailtique weighed in on advice for events, but they did point out that micro French nail designs are highly sought after when it comes to events (the minimalistic trend: check). “In terms of colors, there is a strong demand for peachy, milky, and nude shades, as well as the trendy ‘glazed donut’ look.” Now if you don’t know about the glazed donut look, then where were you last year because it really had its moment then and apparently is sticking around. “The ombre technique and marble effects are also frequently requested for special events, too. Metallic shades like rose gold and silver, and pearlized shades to give a touch of glamour. Glitter and shimmer finishes are also in high demand for creating a sparkling effect for special events.” And we all want to sparkle for special events, don’t we?


P.S. If you’re into ombré on your nails, then have you considered ombré concealer? That was another big hit in 2023 and we got the scoop on how to achieve it right here. xo

Photos courtesy of Nailtique Salon & Spa

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