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Hi, It’s Time You Learned About Ombré Concealer

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be swiping right on all the ombré concealer looks. TikTok has opened our eyes to a new trend and we’re loving it, but, of course, we wanted to know more for you, lovies, of course. That’s why we called upon Founder & CEO of Anomalie Beauty Agency, Hannah Metz, to bring us the juicy deets on ombré concealer.

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What is Ombré Concealer?

If you haven’t (or, frankly, have) seen TikTok videos on the latest beauty trend, then you’re probably wondering what the heck is ombré concealer? Metz tells us, “It’s simply a technique for applying concealer. It focuses on using multiple shades of concealer as well as using a liquid blush, starting with the lightest in the inner corner, working your way outwards from light to dark, to the blush on the outermost corner.”

Now, interestingly, TikTok may have opened your eyes to this technique, but as Metz explains, “This is something professional makeup artists have been doing for ages, however, with the growing popularity of TikTok putting a name on previously coined techniques, it can give the illusion to the general public that these are ‘new’ trends.” So if you’re wanting this look for your wedding day but your makeup artist doesn’t know what you’re talking about, chances are they do, they just haven’t familiarized themselves with the name. So, perhaps sending them a video or photo of what you’re talking about might be the way to go so they can definitively tell you they can do the technique.

Watch Anomalie Beauty Agency in action for a recent bride:

Step-by-Step How-To DIY

Metz was kind enough to take us through the process of applying ombré concealer and now we’d like to share the step-by-step process with you, the DIY bride.

What You’ll Need to Accomplish the Look

At least 2 concealer shades (one being your exact shade, and one just a shade lighter than your natural skin tone) ✔️

Liquid blush ✔️

Applying It

Metz says, “You’ll apply a dot of each shade, starting at the lightest concealer shade, and moving to the deepest shade, from inner to outer corner. You can even blend the two shades together in the middle so that there is a more seamless blend from light to dark. On the outermost corner, you’ll apply a liquid blush.

“After these steps are complete, use a damp beauty sponge and lightly blend, working your way from the inner to outer corner. Blend until there is no longer a distinct difference in shades or any line of demarcation between colors, and the gradient appears natural. Then, set lightly with a loose powder.”

Now, with certain with makeup techniques there’s a risk of it getting cakey. However, Metz explains, “as long as the product application is similar in the amount you may normally apply with concealer, this shouldn't cause additional cakiness. Use each product sparingly to avoid this result!”

Product Recommendations to Achieve the Look

As far as what products you should use, the choice is yours, but Metz recommends the following products so you can get the on-point look you’re seeking: The Kosas Concealer, The Freck Liquid Blush, Rare Beauty Liquid Blush, and Nars Liquid Blush.

When to Do Ombré Concealer

What, we know you love adding to your makeup routine. It’s always fun to try new techniques, and you know it! But where does ombré concealer fit into your already existing routine? Metz recommends you do it after applying your foundation. “Depending on whether the eyes are done first, or the skin is done first will dictate the order of each step, but this is a good rule of thumb to use. For more natural looks, I recommend doing the eyes after skin. For more dramatic looks, I recommend doing the eyes first and then the skin.”

Benefits to Ombré Concealer

You’re beautiful. You’re sexy. Just the way you are. But there’s something about wearing makeup that just makes you feel oh-so-good. So what’s the advantage to adding this technique to your beauty routine? Simple: it’s going to give you “more dimensional blend that may help counteract dark circles in a way that using one shade alone will not achieve.”

In addition, ombré concealer will give you “a brighter appearance closer to the innermost corner of the eye, and gradually blend to a more natural shade similar to your own skin color, and finally blend out into a blush that's focused more on the cheekbones where you might normally apply highlighter. It will also provide a lifting effect,” Metz says.

Now, you should know this truth: while certain makeup techniques can help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, ombré concealer may not be the right choice to achieve this if that’s what you’re looking for.

Wedding Makeup and Ombré Concealer

If you’re looking for a more dramatic look on your wedding day, then ombré concealer may be the perfect technique for you, because, as Metz tells us, “it’s going to give [you] a more brightened under-eye effect.”

Although, if you’re striving for a natural “no makeup” look, Metz says she would avoid ombré concealer. Unless you’re okay with a neutral and dramatic look coexisting, which is totally possible and can work.


Photo and video courtesy of Anomalie Beauty Agency

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